Grand Opening (+ Rewards)

Posted 1 month, 25 days ago by cwidow

I'm sure many of you have been waiting patiently for this day to come and I'm so terribly sorry to keep you all waiting this long. But I am incredibly grateful for having been able to share my progress and hear about your excitement towards the project!

So without further blabbering let's get straight to the point here.

Joining Incentives

These have timeframes and will need to be used within those times, they cannot be saved for use later.

  • +10 soul shards to any character joined and written with another within 30 days of this bulletin.
  • +4 non-innate joining slots you can use within 14 days of this bulletin.
    • Any damned characters should have less than 50 soul shards to be in accordance with the possibility of fated eternal damnation.
    • Any divine characters should have more than 50 soul shards to be in accordance with the possibility of fated eternal rest.

Advertising Incentives

Claimable once each and must be advertisements on different platforms.

  • +1 glimmering soul shard, worth 20 regular shards.
  • +1 magic booster, simply means the character will not lose any soul shards for that occasion of magic use.
  • +1 fate booster, adds +10 to a character's fate roll.
  • +1 consequence-less soul shard sacrifice, gift shards (as many as you want) to another without paying the price.

These can be held on to and used at a later date on any character of your choosing.

When advertising on a space that is not directly yours please be sure that they do not have a link back requirements as we do not have an advertisement board.


Logging Claimed Incentives:

+1 non-innate, Oran Wildwing (Damned), submitted 03/27/22. (1 of 4)
+1 non-innate, Ardent (Damned), submitted 04/02/22. (2 of 4)
+1 non-innate, Heru (Divine), submitted 04/05/22. (3 of 4)
+1 non-innate, Illandere (Divine), submitted 04/07/22. (4 of 4)

My Log

  • +1 non-innate, Mot (Damned), submitted 03/25/22.
  • +1 consequence-less soul shard sacrifice, saving for later, dA ad.