Current Plans for Profiles

Posted 2 years, 11 months ago by HowlingCat

Just some rambling about plans and what not.

I still need to finish up characters for Realm of Impar. I’m doing those little by little as I do need to finish establishing the world itself so it’s easier to work on the last of the characters there. Hoping to get those done sometime in 2019 uwu

I also got a few side characters from other stories to work on. I might use one of my long breaks during classes to do those since thankfully they shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to work on fleshing out their worlds and what not. 

Adrian is so close to being finished >.> I need to finish up his Twilight tab and he should be ready to go for my story. The relationship section is almost done but that history is going to be a pain. I also need to tweak some profiles for some characters in the Persona folder. Might use a new profile for the Pack since their profile are eh and I need to swap around one of Ku’s skills. My goal is to have this completed by this year and finish up the last bit of stuff to start working my fanfic. >.> 

Once the above is done, I can fully devote time to Vincent. He’s a DMC fan character (yes I know I’m hot garbage with my fan characters but shhh it makes me happy). I do have basic idea of what I have planned for him in my notes tab (which is a hot mess but oh well) on his profile. I plan on doing a lot of research when It comes to demons and what not since I love my dumb research. Also, gotta figure out names and figure out his other sin powers. I think I might be able to pump out some stuff for him before DMC5 come out. I’m looking forward to working on him more~ No clue when I will complete it. Maybe 2019 :0


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