Hit me up for free fantrolls to replace the stolen trolls. I'm currently working on a large series of commissions, but I will be glad to make new trolls for the scammed.


wow that's insane. ;; I dont usually go out of my way to commission, but i'll spread the word to friends.

(don't worry it's all covered now!)

Maybe just ask Joelblade first? I accidentally sold a design twice once and made up for it by making the second person two designs to replace it v.v'

Yes, I have tried to but they haven't reponed to me.

Thats so weird! I've bought from Joelblade before and they've seemed pretty sweet,,,

have you talked to the other person with the design?? 

no, I haven't yet but I'll do that right now.

Let me know how it goes! If you need, I can give you another lime blood from my gacha maybe if something can't be figured out?

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Oh?? What's going on :0?

Oh my god I feel sick I was contacted by this person and bought designs from them????


I'm trying to contact the OG artists, but here they are,,,
Thank you for letting me know, I feel sick I gave them like $40 and they tried to sell me a BUNCH??? I'm not sure how to rectify this as a whole because I've already been using the trolls I bought; I kind of just thought they were a collector, like how some people have a favorite designer???


I'm sorry that that happened to you. If you want me to design free replacement trolls for you, just let me know.

Thank you hun, I want to see what I can do with the design creators first before I do anything just to make sure that I don't give you any extra work if I can help it<3 Plus it helps to know who else fell for the scam on the same characters.
Your designs are absolutely amazing though! Its so hard to sprite in the actual hs style, so I'm always impressed with what you make!! And then the sprite animations??? So clean!