Open Commissions

Posted 9 months, 20 days ago by Queerstalline-Void

Hello and Thank You for your interest in my artwork! 




If you are considering commissioning me, please check out my Terms of Service:

Commission Terms of Service

And then fill out my Commission Form, so that I can get back to you with a price:

Commission Form

And then we can message each other to discuss payment!

Money I earn from your commissions goes towards my therapy, transition, getting married to my long distance partner, and eventually moving out with my partner and funding our cost of living, as well as maintenance on my art supplies!

All characters shown in the examples belong to and were designed by me! On top is Me and my fursona Void Ghost, and the examples are Juno (Sketch), Leviathan (Illustration) and Ebott (Painting). All of us use they/them pronouns! 

Thank you for your support! 

Commission Prices

Sketch Lineart
Bust $10
Half $15
Full $20

Colored Sketch
Bust $15
Half $20
Full $30

Shaded Sketch
Bust $20
Half $30
Full $40

Lineart Illustration
Bust $20
Half $30
Full $40

Colored Illustration
Bust $25
Half $35
Full $50

Shaded Illustration
Bust $30
Half $45
Full $60

Bust $50
Half $75
Full $100

Additional Characters +50%

Simple Background $10
Illustrated Background $50
Painted Background $100

Prices for Reference Sheets and Custom Character Designs:

1 Sides 

Sketch $15 

Lineart $30 

Shading $50 

 2 Sides 

Sketch $25 

Lineart $50 

Shading $70 

 3 Sides 

Sketch $35 

Lineart $70

Shading $95 

 4 Sides 

Sketch $45 

Lineart $90 

Shading $120 

 5 Sides 

Sketch $55 

Lineart $110 

Shading $145 

 6 Sides 

Sketch $65 

Lineart $130 

Shading $175 



Sketch $7 

Lineart $15 

Shading $25 


Sketch $5 

Lineart $15 

Shading $25 

Body Parts 

Sketch $3 

Lineart $7 

Shading $15 


Sketch $3 

Lineart $7 

Shading $15 


Sketch $10 

Lineart $20 

Shading $35

Pixel Art and Pixel Animations: 

50x50-100x100 - $10 

50x50-100x100 Animations - $30 

 150x150-500x500 - $20 

50x50-100x100 Animations - $40 

 Full Scenes - $30 

Full Scenes Animated - $50 

 The Animation price covers an average of 5-10 frames. Additional frames may result in additional charges, depending on the complexity of the animation.


NSFW charge $50

If you are 18+ and seeking a NSFW Commission, please see my additional terms of service:

NSFW Terms of Service


would u hold a slot of the animated pixel scene till friday or do a payment plan on it maybe owo

I have unlimited slots and no one in my queue currently! Feel free to message me any time or fill out my order form, and we can talk about payment plans if you need!