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If you offer a trade or anything else on designs, these are the things we would look for. You can offer outside this wishlist, but it probably will be declined as we are picky with stuff.

We 100% look at: ❤ Paypal ❤ Points

We also are interested into art offers. PLEASE DO PROVIDE US EXAMPLES WHEN YOU OFFER! Art-wise we are interested in: ❤ Couple art ❤ Nsfw art (only if you're 18+) ❤ Chibis/fullbodies/halfbodies/busts ❤ Pixels

Art wise not interested in: ✖ traditional art in most cases ✖ art slaves ✖ tons of low quality art

Design wise we are interested into these things. This list goes form big want to a maybe, so the lower you go the more pickier we are going to get: ❤ Fauns/Satyr ❤ Goat designs (Can be hybrid, but gotta be mainly goat) ❤ Sphinx cat themed designs ❤ Human / Humanoids with Egyptian / fantasy themes / DnD styled designs ❤ Female priest / nun theme ❤ Pumpkin/scarecrow ❤ Angels/Demons ❤ Centaur designs ❤ Werewolves ❤ Modern-styled supernatural humanoids ❤ Nagas (No anime/cutsie looking ones) ❤ Unusual anthro designs (Rhino, elephant, anteater, ect.) ❤ Bovines ❤ Dreadlocks ❤ Bara designs ❤ Really simple designs ❤ Insect designs ❤ Creepy/edgy ❤ Vampires ❤ Steven universe, pearls and diamonds (Picky) ❤ Human/humanoid Flame elemental/golem designs (Picky) ❤ Masked designs (Picky) - Mob/mafia (picky) ❤ Monster hunters (Maybe Picky) ❤ Tentacles/horns/wings/skulls/scales/multiple eyes/goo and slime (Picky) ❤ Merfolk (Picky! Rather more monster/fish like then anime cutsie) ❤ Mlp designs (Really picky) ❤ Royalty (Maybe, picky)

Designs/themes we are NOT interested: ✖ Feral canines ✖ Feral feline ✖ Cutesy moe anime-styled characters ✖ Any fandom characters (Beside Pearls and Diamonds, picky) ✖ Tootheyes ✖ Tribal themes ✖ Pastel themes ✖ Game maker adopts ✖ Gaia adopts ✖ Over the top designs ✖ NO CUSTOM OFFERS!

Here are idea's on designs we like / adore (to give you examples what we like). Please, do not harass these people for these designs: ☻ Buttcakes faves - https://toyhou.se/Buttcakes/favorites ☻ Disastergoat faves - https://toyhou.se/DisasterGoat/favorites and https://www.deviantart.com/disastergoat/favourites/68541307/Designs-I-have-a-need-for


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