I need more characters on interesting points along the gender spectrum. I could use a traditionally binary trans girl, too. 

Pitch me some character design inspiration if you feel like it. If I come up with something I don't think I'll use, you may even get a free character from me. 


I would love to see your take on tarot-inspired designs -- for a gender-focus: the "face" cards don't have to follow the court hierarchy; some decks use daughter, son, mother, father for their cards. The Wild Unknown deck uses this format. The cards on that deck are aesthetic as fuck tbh and I'll post some below. Each card has its own meaning or emphasis and I think you'd have a lot of fun with them!


Yo! This is a really cool idea! I'll mess around with it :D

I'm super excited to see what you come up with!!

Oooh, neat! Idk how much I can help with specific ideas about characters along the gender spectrum, since basically everyone of mine falls in one of the male/female/general non-binary camps, but here are some really nice color scheme/aesthetic things that might provide some inspiration? ;o; I tend to come up with general character ideas before assigning a gender so maybe one of these will inspire a story? 

blood, gold, and broken armor

deep water, rusty clay cliffs, aquamarine scales

wet sand, black ink, and worn parchment

lilac, wisteria, lavender perfume, bronze jewelry, raven-black hair

the green/silver/rotting earth tones of an old growth forests

a clean, milky blue sky bruised by the bright tones of an out of control fire

Oooh these are beautiful, thank you for the ideas!

You're welcome! :D I hope they help!