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Posted 1 month, 13 days ago by GeckoSauce

Click > HERE < For Characters.

I'm selling all for art as I'll not need them anymore soon.

It's art only as I am only keeping a few privately and don't want anymore characters.

Show/link examples and which you are offering for. You can offer on anyone unless tagged you can't.

Some are free but they are not FCFS.

Please comment on this thread:


Is Dhox & Milky for adopt? If yes, I'll be created a family with Malinda (my purple Pin Pups) :')

I promise to take care of them and I can do the numbers of arts you wants . I been improving a lot in my arts these days but I guess you still remember my art example UwU

here's my art collection just in case.

I'd be more picky with them, especially Dhox since he is/was a sona. It would also depend on whether or not my Mam wants me to keep him.

For whatever reason my Mam likes Dhox! >_<

ah,, maybe we can co-own or something . I wouldn't mind ^^ and ya know me so if I can't have him or milky it's all good c: I am not mad or anything hehe :3

Ah unfortunately I'm not really wanting to do anymore co owning with people as I find it hard to keep track of.

Thankyou for showing interest though! ~



Would you like Tohshi transferred over to your account? 

*sobs* sure 

Also do I still Co own elliott? If not I understand I was just curious 

I feel bad giving him back but i'd feel worse having him stood in an empty storage/selling account. 

Also, Elliott is staying on my storage/sales account as he will be up for offers or kept private as i'm only focusing on my story characters. 

I mainly co owned him out when I was having trouble connecting with him at the time •~•

Ah OK, what about quinky?

I honestly forgot I still owned him...he just sits there •.•

I will stay on this account and I very highly doubt anyone would offer an offer I like. So generally speaking yes you still co own him unless you didn't want too.

I need to have a re-arrange of folders etc which he will be put in one of my higher valued characters.

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