I figured out what to call the SPS

Posted 3 months, 14 days ago by 123penguin64

So I ran an impromptu naming contest thing and yay I figured out what to call the SPS!


I... Love all the names suggested ngl and they will all be used in-story as like, fake names or something hdfjsghg

But the official names that I am going to call the SPS (and NW) are: South-point Services and NorthWest suggested by Motherbeast! 🎉 🎉 🎉
good names, 10/10, I wish I thought of something like that OR COULD REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL NAMES but yay here we are! I like how those names have to do with the directions and it suddenly makes sense story-wise haha

but yay here we are! :D


now I suddenly remember the original name but... that sucked tremendously and these names are better

Out of curiosity what were the original names :eyes: (yes I’m aware that’s not how emojis work outside of discord but whatever)

The original name for the SPS was apparently Secret Protective Services which is terribly generic and I suddenly remembered it a day after i renamed it lmao and I genuinely cannot remember the NW name 

dogstarlite, circlejourney, Motherbeast

since I like all of your names I will draw you a Nice picture as a thank you so could you leave an oc (or whoever you like lol) for me to draw here, that would be cool    Thank you all for your name suggestions! :D

that's super nice of you, you don't have to but...Hong Yi......I would love to see him in your style

hello I was trying to use markers, and then realised that I didn't have the right colours but here he is... the mad man himself


ho my god he looks amazing, the absolute madman, thank you for drawing my boy

Oh gosh you're so sweet??? Definitely no pressure but I think this gal would look cute in your style ;0;

Also: Congrats on having official names! I like them :D

Yay thank youu I like the names too! :D I was trying to use my markers again so the colors are a bit, experimental to say the least (eek) but Claire is such a lovely gal! I love :0


Oh gosh thank you!! I admire anyone with the patience and bravery to use markers, lmao. This is real cute and I love how her face looks like a heart 💖

Aaa of course!! I'm happy you like it and Claire is super lovely !! ^^

AW HUN, I'M SO FLATTERED QA Q I'm really honored you went with my suggestion!! ; w; I hope it serves you well!!

I'm really thankful for having been picked omg, so you don't really need to doodle anyone? But if you really feel compelled then I absolutely will not stop you. ; u; I just got this sweetheart and I think he'd be lovely in your hands! If you need an unwatermarked version, let me know <3

Aaaa thank you really for those inventive names though!! I'm really happy to have them now haha it was a little frustrating to have a nameless organisation lol
I love Edgar!! He looks amazing and I don't think my scribbly markers can do him justice but I gave it a shot anyway ^^ 


OHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE ; A; I absolutely love the details on him!!!! Aww, Pengu, you're such a sweet ;; A;; I perfectly think you did him justice! Look at that grin, ohhh I'm smitten ; u;

Thank you thank you, friend!! This means a lot to me.

AAA I'm super glad then!! :D I'm really happy you like it so much! He was actually really fun to draw and I love his story too shfjshgj thank you again for your name suggestions :D

And thank you for picking them as well as the lovely art of Eddie omg ; v; <3 <3