Card CSS Update

Posted 3 months, 10 days ago by Pinky

Updated Card bundle:
Added in a new character HTML, "Tabs"
This layout actually had a tabs that was perfectly fine i was just... tired of the old design... so i renamed the old one to "buttons" it's still around for anyone who prefers the old version

And a little promo I had some new HTML these past weeks
Easy Pack:

& I got a question about character credits today and another one a couple of weeks ago, so just a reminder all the characters used in my templates can be found here:
Bee is my personal account, the others are owned by friends who gave me permission to use them!

General reminders FAQ is here:
CSS Bundle Guide here:
& ask box is here:

& that's all I got for now! I dont think I'll really have anything else for the month of June but hopefully we can get something done in July. I have some new CSS bundles I would like to work on + I have not been able to finish a coding quarters challenge in months so here's hoping next month is my time !
Hope everyone is having a nice weekend ;u;/



The coding on your personal account is so darn cute omg! Also, totally gotta snag that Card css once paid next week!

Edit: I accidently typed person not personal oops lol