Knightclaw MYO Event #1 has begun! Spread the plague of peet children! Taxes got me this year because yay self-employment. I could really use the help. x(


  • Comment with your intent to claim! SPECIFY which kind of slot! It helps record keeping!
  • You will receive a PM from smooshkin if accepted. Please follow the directions in it CAREFULLY.
  • You CAN claim for a friend! Someone else may pay for you, but be sure to tell me who to send the event info and expect payment from.
  • PM your finished design to me OR post it in the #MYO-approval channel of my CS Discord for approval!
  • Max TWO (2) slots per person.
  • $20USD per Common slot. $30USD per Rare slot. $20USD per Exotic "Trinket" Addon.
  • There is no time limit on when to turn in your design.
  • You may use this FERAL BASE or this ANTHRO BASE to help design your Knightclaw, commission another artist, or draw it yourself!
  • Species Refs + Info
  • Trait Ref on dA
  • Event ends in 5 days from bulletin post date.


star_by_smooshkin_dd24jje-pre.png?token=Golden Star [Common]
"A heavy coin minted in Highgarden."
[Usage: A Common MYO. Grants access to all Common traits and 1 Uncommon.]

Ruby Crown [Rare]
"A weighty coin inset with a Highgarden ruby. Newly minted!"
[Usage: A Rare MYO. Grants access to 1 Rare trait and all below.]

Ancient Bone [Exotic]
"A semi-fossilized bone laced with gold. How strange."
[Usage: An Exotic Trinket. This will apply one or as many Saberon traits as you desire to your RARE Knightclaw MYO. It is an Addon.]

Dragonblood Potion [Exotic]
"A phial of thick, viscous liquid, created with heartblood of a dragon. Humanely acquired!"
[Usage: An Exotic Trinket. This will apply one or as many Dragonblood traits as you desire to your RARE Knightclaw MYO. It is an Addon.]


You can earn 1 extra RARE (Or Uncommon if you choose) trait for this event, regardless of which slot type you choose.

  • 1. Help me spread the word by referring this MYO event to someone who also claims a slot. (I can provide TH invite codes to anyone if they need it.)
  • 2. Have that person confirm that you sent them or show me proof of some kind. This can be done any time.
  • 3. Once I confirm, you may add another Rare trait to your Common or Rare Slot. (If you purchased an exotic, you can give your trait to the person you referred instead.)


At some point after the end of this event (at least a month to give people time), I will select 1 of my favourites of the created Knightclaw and the winner will receive art of it (or an outfit) from me. In order to be selected, the Knightclaw must be posted to your TH Gallery, tagged appropriately and not hidden.


Adopt ToSToSMYO Rules


Im too late Q.Q 

CLOSED! Thank you!

ahhh sure! Just send a second payment. <:3


noted :)

i can i get a rare myo slot please 

double comment? :O just added you once just in case

sorry i'm a bit new to toy house 

anyway i sent you the money on paypal 

Is there another Rare spot for me?

Of course. :) Noting you.

I would like a common myo slot please!


Pretty species(unfortunatly unable to buy at this time) i wish you luck

thank you ^^!

your welcome


Could I grab a Common slot, if those are still available at this point?

Yes, ofc, the event doesn't end for a few days.

Hello! I'd love a Ruby Crown slot if I'm not too late ^^

Not at all, the event was just posted yesterday and it goes on for 5 days.

a ruby crown please!! :3cc

of course!


Ruby Crown please- Creating one of your creatures is srsly one of my favorite things.

omg your designs of my critters are always some of my faves @[email protected] !!

Can I take a Ruby crown please? Thank you ! 


can i get a common one? got to this event thru mprincekane !! also is the bonus trait for both parties involved? because if not i’d like to purchase a rare slot!

It is for the person who made the referral unless they choose to give it to the other person. ^^ So I will mark you for a rare I think?

yes a rare one then!

Ok :)! I think I sent you the MYO note, lmk if I forgot.

Can I get a ruby crown please? Noticed the link from EliMoon

Thanks, I've noted the referral. ^^ Noting you event info now.

Can I get a Ruby crown and Dragonblood potion please? c:

ahhhh Ok, I suppose I can open for ONE more blood and bone slot but then that's it. x3

Ooh! Thank you!


I will take a Golden Star [Common] slot please and thank you!

certainly. :)

I’ll take a common!


Can I get one common slot, one rare slot + ancient bone addon?

yes of course. ^^ Noting

I'd love to grab a common slot please!

certainly, noting

Would like a common slot, please!

roger :)

May I please have a common slot?

of course, noting

Could I get 1x Ruby Crown & 1x Golden Star?

certainly ^^ noting

I take one common with one exotic bone added to it please

Oh wait, gosh, I'm sorry, it says the Addons are only for Rare MYOs. :( Can't turn a common into an Exotic.

Well I take a common plain then

roger that. :)

Could I switch from the common to the rare?

You can, if you already sent payment for common, send the difference and I will upgrade the slot. :)

Can I get a golden star please. :3


Dragonblood please and a rare

If dragon blood out, I will snag a other exotic (bone)

Edit; cause I wasn't clear

Heya, yes, you may certainly have an ancient bone, the dragonblood is totally jammed atm and I can't release anymore yet. :( But I will mark you down for a bone. Noting event info now.

No problem (wasn't fast enough for that dragonblood!!) And thank you! Also congrats on the new species!

ahhh my gosh, thanks!

Can I get Ancient Bone with Ruby Crown?

yes :D noting

Rare slot with Ancient Bone Add-on ^-^ I do want another Rare with Dragonblood add-on if still open! If not, then just 2 Rares with 2 Ancent Bones (one will be for Kortalaz) <3

I suppose I can allow another DB potion. ;-; I'll put you down for 2 rares, 1 ancient bone and 1 dragonblood, correct? Noting you event info.

Can I get a rare with a dragon blood potion please?

Yis, noting.

Ruby Crown with Ancient bone, please!

noting :)

aAA could i get a dragonblood addon? if thats out i'd take a bone one ^^

Dragonblood still available, I'll mark you down for one. ^^ Noting you event info.

mmm hell yeah sign me up for that rare slot + dragonblood potion pls <3


all paid <3

Can I get a Rare MYO slot with the Dragon born Trinket  and pay by tomorrow???

No problem, noting.

can i grab a rare slot + a dragonblood potion? :>c

Yes, noting :>

awesome, thank you! is it ok if i grab another common slot too? sorry if thats a bother! ♥

Oh, woops, yes! Go ahead and send the appropriate payment and I'll add it ^^ ty

nice, thank you! all sent ♥