New Bundle - Flatly

Posted 3 months, 2 days ago by Pinky

New premium bundle, Flatly:
granted she does well I do have a little more HTML planned for her... particularly a "collapse" and a "stacked" style HTML... once we have a little rest

Revamp of a very, very old CSS that I've been meaning to do for ages LOL as the name suggests it's meant to have more of a "flat" look... most of bundles are very "box on a background pattern" style so this one is made so you can have the content sit directly on the page
(Just a heads up this one has a lot of customization options so it is not recommended if you've never worked with my CSS before... I strongly suggest working with my freebies and my simpler CSS (like Clean and Basics) before moving on to this more customizeable ones)

& that is all I got for now, hope everyone has a nice weekend ;u;/


For some reason the holiday part made my burst out laughing in my head- XD


Thank you, I'm glad you think so ;u;/