Commission Sheet!

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Commission Prices!

Hello! Welcome to my commission page :D
I'm delighted my art has piqued your curiosity! Please read through my  terms carefully, and I hope you like what you see along the way!
Thank you in advance for your support, it means a lot!

Terms and Process

Once a form is received, details discussed, and resources given (reference sheets, websites, moodboards, etc), I will privately message my Paypal. Once the money has been sent, I will add the recipient to my queue and begin ASAP!

I give milestone updates, meaning: An update will be given every stage of completion I reach, (Ie: sketch, lineart, colored,  completion.)
All owed art will be listed in the link below:
(Some commission cards contain NSFW art, please proceed with caution and respect the labels!)

The order of completion is not visible to the public. This is only a list of what I have to work on, and some of what I've completed that I've managed to catalogue. I will sometimes post minor updates there, that aren't quite worth showing before a milestone update. If privacy is desired, please request such! However I still will have the recipient's name listed, for my own bookmarking.

While reviewing each milestone, the commissioner is allowed to request edits if adjustments are needed. However the further along the commission is completed, the smaller and fewer edits will be allowed!

Returning Customer Policy

Please mention these when ordering; I will not apply these benefits once the payment has been sent!

  • previous customers get a %10 discount!
  • A commission containing a design I’ve made will get you %5 off!


Refunds are always an option at any point BEFORE COMPLETION OF THE PIECE. 
The total percentage of completion will be reduced from the original price (20% complete means you'll get %80 back!)

Question of Subject Matter:


I am open to drawing anything SFW, and unrelated to fetishes!
The sky is the limit!

  • Science-Fiction/Mech
  • Fantasy/Humanoid
  • Blood/Gore/Body Horror
  • Vanilla NSFW/Nude


I will draw mature subject matter, for adults only.
I often times refuse peculiar fetish subjects (inflation, feet, hyper, etc).

  • However I can possibly be persuaded, by a $100 price increase!

  • If unsure, please ask! I will not be offended :3


I will not draw these subject matters, nor will I be persuaded to.

  • Bestiality
  • Minors in adult situations
  • Hate Speech


Here are a few examples of my work!
For more, please have a look at my gallery:

Sketches: $5-$20

  • There will be little to no shading in these, beyond aesthetic flare.

  • +$5 per character

Cell Shaded: $50-$100

  • Complex characters, and/or backgrounds will increase the price.

  • +$10 per character

Soft shaded: $100-$150

  • Complex characters, and/or backgrounds will increase the price.

  • Edits unrelated to crucial adjustments are not accepted after the coloring milestone.

  • +15 per character

Digital Painting: $70-$200+

  • Edits beyond small adjustments, and crucial additions are prohibited.

  • $70 for icons

  • $100 for fullbody

  • $200+ for an illustration

  • +$20 per character

Special order:

  • Reference sheets are $40!
    • This includes two poses, a bio, and a color pallet.
    • +$10 per additional pose/feature!
  • Custom designs are $50!
    • This includes two unshaded poses, a bio and a color pallet.
    • +$10 per additional pose/feature!
  • Pixel art $10-$50+
    • Pixel art exceeding 200x200px, and/or requires animation, will increase the price!
    • We can discuss a budget for art involving a videogame project!
  • Animations start at $10 per frame.
    • (Minimum price is assumed to be a standard digital solo shot)
    • Color increases to $20 per frame.
    • Shaded increases to $30 per frame.
    • +$10 for simple background.
    • +$20 for detailed background.
    • +%50 of minimum price per additional character.

Order and Contact:

Please have this information available when commissioning:

Commission Form:

  • Commission type: What kind of commission is this?

  • Description: Describe the desired contents of the commission.
  • Reference sheet(s):  Some imagery in one form or another to give me a visual representation of what the character looks like.
  • Link(s): to websites, profiles, moodboards, etc.. Anything helps!


  • Discord: This is the most reliable way to remain in relatively consistent contact with me, please provide any discord information if available!
  • Email: Apps and chat services have proven to be unreliable, but at least I'll have an Email!
  • Other: If contact is easier elsewhere, please supply the appropriate information!



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