New CSS- Subtle V2

Posted 1 month, 19 days ago by Pinky

New CSS bundle, Subtle V2
This is a re-code of my old Subtle layout; normally when I re-make layouts I change the name to avoid confusion but for this bundle the main inspiration was using a subtle pattern so I couldn't think of another name LOL

If you already owned subtle v1 on itchio it should automatically let you buy V2 at half off (o o)d

I think this will probs be my last new release for a while.... got a lot going on irl and I got another promotion at my job ! but not much time for TH now a days. I know my job dies around xmas time when everyone goes on vacation so I suspect I will become more active around then LOL until then consider me on hiatus. I will still be around to check PMs/ask box since those things I can do on my phone and they don't take long, but not much time for working on layouts rn u.u
When I do have time I'm gonna try to focus on doing some new collabs, I can do those faster and there are so many I wanna do... that should keep me occupied

& that is all I got for now. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend !