Blacklist - WIP

Posted 7 months, 24 days ago by Cherish

This is just being copy and pasted from my other account that I'm not really active on. I really shouldn't have to have a blacklist. 

- - - - - - - -

This is a WIP but these are for people who break my terms of service and refuse to fix them and for people who ask to buy something and then don't pay up without explanation. I'll make this more detailed later. Also most people don't do things bad enough to be permently on my blacklist, I'm usually pretty forgiving over time so if you're on here, unless it says "permanent" I'll unblacklist you eventually. Could be months though. Just don't give me a reason to blacklist you.

Being blacklisted includes: Public with or without explanation, is denied any further purchases from me, and is not allowed to purchase a design made by me after being blacklisted.

Broke the Rules:

- @Skullkin May 28th, 2019: Sold a character with $0 cash value for $20 even after I told them they couldn't - permanent

- na

- na

Dodged payment:

- @pooltoy April 3rd, 2019: Asked to buy a character, gave them my paypal, then never paid nor replied to my notes despite logging in several times a day. 

- na

- na


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