Posted 4 months, 14 days ago by GreaserDemon

Was I the only one who had a whole shut down of toyhouse?
It wouldn't work for like an hour. 



Nope wouldnt work for me too x.x

Nope, that happened to me this morning around 11 am est !

I think for me it was in the afternoon, around 16:00 cet could have been a bit earlier though.
It was out for at least an hour but I was drawing so I probably lost track of time a bit, could have been out longer.  

I think it was the whole dang site, it's been doing that a lot lately (I think one of the admins said they had moved to a new server recently so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it). 

Ah okay that would explain the frequent crashes then. I so far only had two crashes though in the past week.
Today though was the biggest one, at first I thought it was my internet being dumb haha! 

I thought it was my internet too until I saw others were having a bunch of issues, it was down for like a good hour or more for me? I panic whenever I'm randomly logged out but I tried to keep my cool this time because the site has been going down so often. I really hope they get all the kinks out soon, having TH go down when it's my primary place of business is a bit frustrating lol. 

Ah for me it's secondary next to deviantART, sucks though because I update at least one character a day in the morning.
It's sort of my 'daily' lol since I have so many characters to edit.
 I was confused as fuck though when I got signed out, for a moment I thought...crap did someone get my password??
nah staff probably just signed me out, it's all good. Sometimes I'm too paranoid aye... B,)

nope man, I had this too and urgh

I'm glad it's finally working
I was trying for an hour to respond to a comment on one of my trade/sale forums lmao

yeah this crap sucks lol
I was desp. trying to get in and was like ???
wth happened this time hahaha

Apparently others have been saying it's been happening multiple times lately
I didn't really notice other than a small 25 minute lag a couple days ago :0

didn't have many problems either with th
so this is weird tbh
but well, I think they be changing up a lotta stuff lately
so maybe there's that

Yeah I hope they change it soon though! Also I hope the new updates will be nice ~