Frequent sorting tags

Posted 4 years, 8 days ago by ElithianFox
Frequently used tags
Body category
Humanoid species
Anthro species
Feral species
Baby (0-2) | Toddler (3-5) | Child (6-12) | Adolescent (13-19) | Young adult (20-24) | Adult (25-49) | Elder (50-∞) | Ancient (lived for very long) | No age
18+ status
Story importance
Time period
LD race
LD purebloodedness
Other race tags
Profile detail
Layout type
Misc tags


What do you type in to get those tags?

What exactly do you mean by that question? :'D

Sorry I figured it out now I was tired lol

Ooooh This is a good idea Perhaps I will do such things tooooo

Yes, you should! That makes it easier for both yourself and the people who want to browse your characters to find the characters they like.

Which is a funny thought lol, we all know nobody is looking at my stuff xD

Hey, you don't know that. Lots of people on TH are searching through tags, and since you tend to use a couple of tags people may follow for your characters it can attract people to your gallery too c:

I didn't know you could search through tags on site, haha! That's good to know.

Yup, it's pretty neat. They implemented it a few months back I think, but never announced it. The link's at the bottom of the screen, you can search by designer URL or by tags but they're planning on improving it.