Art Fight 2019 updates

Posted 5 months, 17 days ago by JulianaScientifica

Which AF 2019 Team do you prefer?

6 Votes Dream
6 Votes Nightmare
1 Votes Undecided

Now the teams for the upcoming Art Fight 2019 are revealed, this means there's more time to draw personal and other people's characters. It is an Art Trading game that you can attack and revenge people by means of art. 

Honestly, I am indeed hyped for the start of event at July 1st this year! I am always ready for the roll, man! Good luck to us players.

To prepare for the event, somehow, bookmarking characters are of a helpful way in order to organize the attacks well and listing artists to attack. 

Be ready for the second time of joining and entertained for Scientific Nightmare! 😎 HUEHUEHUEHUE!! 

AF Link:

In addition, feel free to fill out this form, if interested to do so:


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