fite me

Posted 2 years, 3 months ago by Isoprene

which team are you on, pal

3 Votes dream! (good, let us taste the blood of the weak together)
5 Votes nightmare! (you shall be VANQUISHED)
3 Votes i haven't been sorted yet bc i didn't do the early bird registration and the site keeps dying (valid.)
2 Votes i'm not into art fight (also valid.)

and be sorely disappointed as i participate even less than usual, which is impressive because my record is two entire art pieces

but i finally got an air conditioner so theoretically anything is possible.........??????

i am on team dream bc both dreams and nightmares are the iso aesthetic so i just let the randomizer pick for me

too lazy to provide any other updates tho rly i don't have much to update. that's life for ya


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