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Oh good question :0, so in early 2020 I wanted to have a TH account but unfortunately I didn't know I had one at the time, and then Katy started looking for alternative websides like TH and finally found (which is unlike TH you don't need to use a code to have account) for the first time.

I immediately created an account there to deposit almost 99% of my oc's there (and the funny thing is that Kat was the first to find that webside but she was slower to create an account there-) I'm still more active in depositing my oc's in the anyway because it makes it easier for my brain to edit with simple code on compared to code on TH hahaha;; but for trade/sell TH is still best šŸ‘

ok!! thanks for sharing

im defnitely considering making one, the layout is fantasticĀ