tell me times your art got insulted

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I'll share my dissapointing online experience then you share yours, 

So, the first time my art got properly insulted and the first time it really hurt was around 3-4 years ago. I was mostly sharing my art in a russian social media group on a website called vkontakte (basically bootleg facebook)

I was having a conversation in comments with someone when someone joined in with "from your art I can see that you have no skill nor talent". It wasn't even about what they said but about who they were. From viewing their profile I could only think "holy shit they are skilled"

Basically, a professional artist just randomly decided to trash my art. Man it hurt. I was demotivated for at least a month after that - it was already a period when I was doubting myself a lot and someone skilled saying I'm bad just did a number on me.

well, I improved a lot since then, and I don't really care about folks talking trash no more!

and id love to hear your stories 


Oddly enough, I don't think anyone's actually insulted my art online, but offline...

My sister once said I shouldn't ever think my art is as good as someone else (paraphrased, we were having an argument)

Indirectly, my mom told me only ever framed one of my childhood drawings, because it was the only one she thought was any good. (I've drawn non-stop since I was 8)

In high school, a classmate said my art wasn't good enough to ever be a mangaka, because at our ages, we'd better be discovered already to be considered good enough.

In college, I drew some fanart as a gift for a roommate who liked the same series I did. When I handed it to her, she said thank you. Later on, in passing talking about a supposingly random post on social media, she said "Yeah, I like fanart! But not like this one." ...It was the very one I had drawn for her.

I don't think any of them meant these comments as insults, but the fact that I'd still think about these words years later...


I remember this one time a few years ago on Google+, someone re-shared one of my art pieces in order to make fun of it. Even though the re-share had no caption, I knew they were making fun of it because they had re-shared art from other people as well, and some of the re-shares had captions that came off as them making fun of the art. The even worse part about them re-sharing my art was that the piece they were making fun of was obviously vent art... There was another person who had commented a joke on the re-share (I forgot what it was, but it still made me mad). Being an immature young teen, I immediately commented something childish and told them to take down their re-share. I don't remember what they responded with, but I think it was something along the lines of "Hi." They completely disregarded my request to take down the re-share. I couldn't do anything else, so I just reported the re-share and blocked them. Because of this incident, I started turning re-shares off on every single art piece that I posted to Google+. I know this might sound petty, but it's just how I handled things at the time. There were other incidents on other sites, but this is one of the more memorable experiences I've had.


I was selling slime with one of my freinds but she also was gave me cash that have broken edges and wasn’t treating me like friends so I told her I don’t want to do it anymore peacefully but she was mad and got in a fight with me and called me 语文学渣. It means someone who is horrible in Chinese in a bad way. I am born chinese and I was never go at chinese I never got a score higher than a C in a test even tho I tried.
After than a few month later I told her peacefully again that I don’t want to be friends with her anymore. She said “are we even friends? I thought we are just normal classmates” it really hurts 

After that my other friend just really grumpy every single morning she said “go away” in a mean tone to me

My friend hurt me psychically every single day I tried to stay positive and act like it is okay but it is hard to ignore it

Edit: sorry for typos

Edit : I am still 11 back then


It was at the school talent show lmao, entered a short animation which was admittedly rushed for the entry date, but was proud of it nonetheless.

Kid comes up to me and drags the entire thing over hot coals.


When I was around 10 (?) I remember clearly that I showed my mom my (crappy) Kingdom Hearts oc (it was just a self insert tbh LOL). Not necessarily an insult but she said: "all your drawings look the same". I know she didn't mean it in a mean way at all, but I felt sorta bad after she said that and it still sticks to me this day lol. I kept working to get out of that same face / pose syndrome.

Here I am today (20), and now she's proud of how much improved, most importantly I'm proud of myself. :)


Lol so some random anon on Instagram said "a child could draw better than that" on a random art piece I made on Instagram. No context. No explaining why they disliked their art (although I'm opinionated so maybe they came from a thread and had a problem with me) or anything like that. Just one random comment. Didn't even have a profile picture. I laughed my butt off and blocked him because I didn't feel like getting into a thread debate that day. 


So I just remembered another incident, this time being on MovieStarPlanet. For those who don't know, MovieStarPlanet is a social game I play (and will most likely be quitting soon) that sadly has A LOT of extremely toxic players. One of the features on MovieStarPlanet is called "photos." This feature allows for 13+ players to post photos for other people to see and comment on (as long as the photo doesn't break MSP's rules). This would be fine if at least 90% of the players weren't so toxic. I honestly don't even use this feature anymore unless I absolutely have to. For more context, I used to make these edits where I would take a transparent image of an animal along with a bunch of other images that I would put together to create a new image. I made this one edit of a white wolf laying in a grassy field with a city behind it. I also added colorful pixelated sparkles because I liked making my edits sparkly. Looking back on it, the image wasn't as great as some of my other past edits, but I was still really proud of it at the time and wanted to post it. So, I did. However, this was a big mistake. When I finally got my first comment, it was a hate comment that simply said "bad" with no explanation as to why they thought my edit was bad. I was upset, but I didn't make a big deal out of it. After all, someone out there would like it and comment something nice, right? Wrong. More players started commenting the same thing until all of the comments on my edit were calling it bad without an explanation as to why it was "bad." They had essentially started a chain in order to provoke me and make fun of something that I was really proud of at the time. I never got any nice comments on that edit. Just a bunch of people calling it bad without giving me any actual critique on why they thought it was bad. I later deleted all of those comments after the chain died down and people stopped commenting. This experience drained A LOT of my motivation at the time to say the least, and it's also one of the reasons as to why I'm still terrified to post anything to photos on MSP to this day.


If I had a dollar for every time someone put my art down solely because it's traditional rather than digital, I would be a very rich man ;;


oh MAN quite a few replies about Reddit!! Reddit is SO cruel to artists, especially if you're an amateur what the hell! i tried posting something on there once and some guy trashed it describing how terribly done the details were. Luckily they got 5 downvotes which made them delete comment in an act of cowardice but damn it made me feel so bad.

And when I was 11 or 12 I posted a drawing online and some guy trashed it and obviously - because I was a kid - I got upset, and then the guy hounded me for not being able to take 'constructive criticism' (when they didn't even give me advice on how to improve, which is what constructive criticism IS). and then they took a screenshot and posted a picture of our exchange to their 'bad art' blog on tumblr for all of their edgy buddies to laugh at. I don't know if you guys remember those kinds of blogs, but they were the most cruel things. This person (and many others ) were really going out of their ways to bully kids online... pretty low!