What did you write today?

Posted 11 months, 10 days ago by love-kadrina

Inspired by Elllllie 's What did you draw today? thread and the new feature, I thought it would be fun to show off new literary works. Plus I need some new reads. ^^;

Same rules apply! WIPs are welcomed and no need for a deep discussion.
All I ask is if it is mature, make sure it is tagged in the event someone doesn't want to see it. :)

I might post something later, but for now, please feel free to share! 


Good thread! I wrote the most recent two here today. c: Both are little scenes from about five years prior to the canon my characters are in.


Finished up the first chapter of a story I've been working on for too long. Oddly feeling accomplished even if I'm a long way from being finished haha


I worked on Sinfonia's script & also started editing and adding/removing scenes from a novella I finished last year, but didn't have the motivation to start editing! It feels strange to go back to older writing especially because that novella was a super experimental one, but it's nearly not as bad as I remembered it to be at least.

... although I probably shouldn't say this only one chapter + prologue into the editing, there are still so many chances of being surprised in the most unfun way :') 


I wrote the first thing I've written for pure fun in years, just kinda wanted to try out the new literature submission.


Updated my drabbles for my friends, mostly because #FE16HypeIsReal lmaoOOOOO


A Matter Of Faith was what I worked on today. Chapter three took nearly all day, most of it was research. 


I wrote the first chapter for my series, City Lights ;;

hhhhh i'm kind of afraid what the public reaction will be but it won't be that bad right??
god i hope someone doesn't submit it to a cringe blog or w/e aaa...


I edited all the chapters of my novella except for 6 but that's because I had to write a good chunk of extra to it and want to give it a rest before I edit that one 


I finished the second chapter (?) of one of my ongoing stories! i finished the first one yesterday and all my friends were really excited about reading it, so i got all hyped up and wrote the second one today. i also wrote another small drabble yesterday... the lit update has done wonders for my soul, i've written so much these last few days (sparkle eyes)


I wrote this little piece today: Sal


just one small chapter about my two kids ; When clock strikes