What did you write today?

Posted 9 months, 13 days ago by love-kadrina

Inspired by Elllllie 's What did you draw today? thread and the new feature, I thought it would be fun to show off new literary works. Plus I need some new reads. ^^;

Same rules apply! WIPs are welcomed and no need for a deep discussion.
All I ask is if it is mature, make sure it is tagged in the event someone doesn't want to see it. :)

I might post something later, but for now, please feel free to share! 


Tidied up and expanded this little fic about my Age of Sail OC's!

Been meaning to post it forever because it explains why Owen and Archie's character dynamics are how they are but wanted to wait until I had Archie's profile done and submitted. Glad I did end up waiting!

Noah Just wormancer

Cleaned and posted Answering Game today! quick scene from Ray's pov, nothing especially groundbreaking, but explores some not-completely-off-base Chime logistics, and had a lot of fun with Noah 'testing' Ray.... why does he always go for the throat :/