What did you write today?

Posted 7 months, 10 days ago by love-kadrina

Inspired by Elllllie 's What did you draw today? thread and the new feature, I thought it would be fun to show off new literary works. Plus I need some new reads. ^^;

Same rules apply! WIPs are welcomed and no need for a deep discussion.
All I ask is if it is mature, make sure it is tagged in the event someone doesn't want to see it. :)

I might post something later, but for now, please feel free to share! 

Nyx wanderways

I wrote a little story for my new character! I'm no writer but I hope it's ok anyway

John T. Myers Linzi-Lou

The first chapter of my story has been published :) Its deep, its gritty, and im SUPER proud of it! <3


I wrote a roughly 550 word interlude to Sinfonia from Claude's pov since I felt like I needed that to make the situation clearer. Here is a small part of it 

Claude: I’m very sorry, Grover

But they both know Claude isn’t sorry, and the smile on his lips tells as much. 

Grover: I don’t like that smile of yours, you little snake 

Grover sneers at him and raises his large hand to intimidate Claude 

Claude: If you want to hit me, then do it. I’m right here, and you know I can’t defend myself 

Claude: But you know what happens if you lay your hands on me, don’t you?


Grover: Whatever made you so darn wicked? 

Claude: I could ask you the same question. 

i finished writing a fic of my ocs!! it's 56,600 words long, roughly, and i am very happy to have it completed!! it was lots of fun to write and a real journey

TV Peridotite

I wrote the last two paragraphs for TV's background.


Spent a buttload of time editing some old writing, which was kinda nice?


I got three (very short) chapters done of a new story! It's mostly just to push myself to write a full story in French which I've never done before and it's honestly not very good bc my French is SUPER limited but I'm still really enjoying writing it ^w^


I've been working on something based off the Christmas Carol story. It's very rough right now and what I did is remove most of the holiday/Christmas aspects of the storyline and even though it didn't start off this way It's becoming a character dev. thing for Eve which is p neat i guess


wrote a smallish oneshot about caerulea and his son doing a Tradition(TM) of their nation. it was fun! 


I outlined 3 chapters of a future webcomic! Normally the plotting/outlining is the hardest and most time-consuming part for me, because I like to plot my entire story at once before starting it. Once I have that down, it's a breeze. So...comic has a non-zero chance of actually happening now.


Finished chapter 14 of my first draft hollah! I need to rewrite it...al but at least I finished it



Aris Mercenary_Ike

I wrote Aris a new literature that may or may not tie into future plans with him!