What did you write today?

Posted 11 months, 10 days ago by love-kadrina

Inspired by Elllllie 's What did you draw today? thread and the new feature, I thought it would be fun to show off new literary works. Plus I need some new reads. ^^;

Same rules apply! WIPs are welcomed and no need for a deep discussion.
All I ask is if it is mature, make sure it is tagged in the event someone doesn't want to see it. :)

I might post something later, but for now, please feel free to share! 


I wrote a bit more in a current story of mine and, seeing as it is handwritten as of now (Was written on the go), I dunno how many words there actually are. It is actually helping me a lot to get back into the writing grove, which lately has been a bit lacking. So that's nice :''>


I'm finally fleshing out Sam's profile and working on a little father-son oneshot for him and Nick. Just something short and sweet. :'-)


Dabbled on my WorldAnvil and updated and published some articles on some ocs.


Nothing to show just yet but I added 3 pages to my idea development document for my sci-fi plot which is now standing at 5 pages long. Still got a lot more rattling round in my brain I need to write down, think about and build on but things are starting to flow together nicely. I've managed to slot in all the old worldbuilding I still really like and didn't want to scrap as well as some of the ideas I wanted to play with but couldn't work in previous iterations of the plot without having to do too much re-shuffling which I'm super happy about.

Half of my past issues with this plot has been that the idea was very vague and superficial I didn't really have a good plan mapped out which made it hard to make content which in turn meant I ended up recycling a lot of old ideas. I'm pretty sure that's why I started to get bored with the plot because I'm really enjoying digging into this headworld now I've put more thought into it. Working on this document has helped to shaken loose some new material already which will also give me a chance to explore the POV of characters who until now have been largely in the background so I'm looking forward to digging into that once things have settled down a bit and I know exactly what direction I'm gonna take the story in.