What do YOU have the most trouble drawing

Posted 8 months, 21 days ago by FRAT-RAT

For me, it's fat chins and fat necks! I DONT KNOW WHY, but all my characters (Even if theyre fat) have to have skinny chins and necks. I really do want to learn how to draw them, but each time i attempt i end up making a collar of fat around their necks. A gunch, if u will.

I want to learn for my girl here https://toyhou.se/2683634.esther-everdeen because i think it'd be v cute on her and itd just... make sense.

I've gotten over my finger troubles but im also having trouble with shoes.

Who is YOUR enternal enemy on the battleground of drawing?


Oh god for me right now it's LEGS. I just..I keep switching between styles and everything ends up weird if I'm not careful


Line weights??? legs?????? hands??? all an enternal mood, im just now getting the use of line weights and BOY. HOO!!! those who spend hours on their lineart are stronger than any us marine. 


I just can't draw glasses for the life of me and I despise drawing them so I don't even Try to practice, which is awfully bold of me considering I also wear glasses myself 


its gotta be things like really skinny characters and rlly chubby characters. i also struggle with backgrounds and facial expressions... (and i have same face syndrome but im trying to escape it TvT)


ah... ankles and feet :/


Fluid, relaxed poses, facial expressions, hands and feet, arms, legs, noses, lineart...

what do I not have trouble with, lol

it's all good, though, I'm working on it!


human legs and arms.. like ... feral legs ? i got that. anthro arms and legs? a bit hard still but i got it. human arms and legs? what are those

+ sameface.. i have like 3 expressions and theyre all :3


shoulders and the whole part between that and a neck lol


Clean lines, muzzles, and beaks. Sometimes legs?

But basically inking needs to heck off


i'd have to say hands and sitting poses honestly.


Masculine men , more that 1 person in the drawing , cannot draw muzzled from anything but a side view and lord help me if I try and draw ferals  


I've been drawing for eleven years and I STILL CAN'T DRAW HANDS OR FEET RIIIIPPP


literally everything. i dont know how i get anything done and quite frankly the fact that i can come off as knowing what im doing even to the most mediocre extent astounds me. god bless every one of us

this might seem sarcastic or callous but i'm feeling vulnerable and honest today lol