What do YOU have the most trouble drawing

Posted 4 months, 21 days ago by FRAT-RAT

For me, it's fat chins and fat necks! I DONT KNOW WHY, but all my characters (Even if theyre fat) have to have skinny chins and necks. I really do want to learn how to draw them, but each time i attempt i end up making a collar of fat around their necks. A gunch, if u will.

I want to learn for my girl here https://toyhou.se/2683634.esther-everdeen because i think it'd be v cute on her and itd just... make sense.

I've gotten over my finger troubles but im also having trouble with shoes.

Who is YOUR enternal enemy on the battleground of drawing?




Fucking everything


Hands... also elbows


Oh god don’t talk to me about shoes. I’m dying squirtle :’) Also I tend to have trouble uh. Diversifying my character’s faces and body types? Which is part of why I tend more towards feral and (to a lesser extent) anthro characters. It’s something I’ve been trying to work on, but the struggle is real. Also just... full pieces with backgrounds and stuff. I haven’t found the energy to do one of them in forever and I really need to get on it if I want my comics to ever get off the ground kgjgkngkf


eehHHH?? for me it's backgrounds. It's not that it's hard, but I never know what it do??? So half the time I just will do a gradient or nothing lmao