Brag About The Thing YOU Did

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this is probably the worst idea every but let's roll with it....

I notice a lot of people tend to be overtly critical of their own work (after all, we are our biggest critics), so let's change that, shall we?

Brag about the short story or witty one liner you wrote. Brag about the new design you came up with. Brag about the code you wrote. Brag like it is the best thing in the world! It is ok!

The goal here is to focus not what needs changing, but what is pretty great already. Even if you personally think your character is a flaming pile of garbague, you did the thing and you should be proud! So live it up! This is the Anti-Criticism thread!

The one rule is: You are not allowed to tear anyone down. Not even yourself.

So yeah, brag it up. Even if you regret it in the morning!

I will also shower you in compliments for posting. (But really.)


i made an older character, and im really proud of how she turned out! im super proud of her clothes as well!

 ⚘ Cross Pepperly

This guy's profile was something around 8-10 hours of programming. I had no idea what I was doing when I started but I have divs and margins and padding SO GOOD now I'm almost ready to plop down munny on premium just to reteach myself css. Anyway the little buttons on the side change the middle info and it looks like a PSX RPG screen and i'm so proud!!! Pretty sure there's nothing else like his bio in the whole site. >:O Other than the test pages I have on my side account, of course.


i am currently learning how to draw backgrounds and it is pretty hard for me, so i am really happy that this picture came out pretty nice and my efforts paid off :>



(Hey is it ok if we praise others' works in this thread? If not lemme know and I'll delete this hh)

@nubifera Oh wow those buildings look really detailed and they just fit in perfectly?? Also the perspective of those buildings, oh my goodness- it's just spot on and I adore it!!

@Pepperly Oh my goodness the coding on his profile is just?? Aaaaa it's so organized and yet it's also really nice to look at! You're a really good programmer, I seriously love his layout oh my goodness-

@brightlyblue Aaaa she looks so nice and welcoming? Apologies if that's not her personality but she just looks kind and yet she also looks quite cool if that's the correct word haha. We seriously need older characters, in fact I'll draw one myself when I get the experience haha


celestiials thank you!!   


@nubifera Late but no prob!

HH sorry to double post but I just finished this character and I??? LOVE HIM-


I'm super hard on myself normally... but im sorta kinda is satisfied  proud of this? especially how far my art came in the past year?

link to old art about a year ago around the same time as now (link because I don't like looking at it rip lmao)

and the piece i talked about in the first place for this :




Holy macaroni you improved so much!? And that in a year!?? Darn! The way you draw hair is just 👌😊🖐 so good!!

I finished this last week 


And I still like it 👏



Thank you ;w; i don't know how- 

i really like how unique your art looks? and how clean it is? like things just look mhm uwu

honestly tho, like everyone here, good job, you are great!

Kalaya LitaRutherford

This thread is so good cause I always feel bad when I get really proud and I wanna brag but  I don't wanna be annoying so A++ and it's so nice seeing other people showing off cause we need more of that

I've been really proud of my art lately. I've been actually using references and taking my time with anatomy and poses so I'm not just frustrating myself. Mini dump but these are just a couple things that I've been SUPER proud of lately, plus the design that I'm posting IC as. I usually hate my own designs but ugh x.x this girl is to cute and everything I love



(the last one with the umbrella is a redo of a piece I did before.  Link here to the before and after, both were drawn on my phone w/ stylus while the other three (and the design) were my laptop w/ surface pen.)


I'm really proud of this and I don't know why???


Like I know the hands are kinda fucked up but she just looks so cute??



That's adorable, her expression and pose makes her look super cheeky and loveable!


I did most of my halloween baking today!! And laundry! (Carved a fresh pumpkin pureed 3/4ths of it, baked 3 loaves of pumpkin bread + 1 sweet potato casserole, i still need to cook the pumpkin seeds and figure out what to do with the other half of the pumpkin puree tho). I also made spaghetti and home made meatballs? Good shit my dude good shit +++ half way done with some sketches for a custom ive been taking too long to finish ahjckckf