Brag About The Thing YOU Did

Posted 7 months, 3 days ago (Edited 7 months, 3 days ago) by love-kadrina

this is probably the worst idea every but let's roll with it....

I notice a lot of people tend to be overtly critical of their own work (after all, we are our biggest critics), so let's change that, shall we?

Brag about the short story or witty one liner you wrote. Brag about the new design you came up with. Brag about the code you wrote. Brag like it is the best thing in the world! It is ok!

The goal here is to focus not what needs changing, but what is pretty great already. Even if you personally think your character is a flaming pile of garbague, you did the thing and you should be proud! So live it up! This is the Anti-Criticism thread!

The one rule is: You are not allowed to tear anyone down. Not even yourself.

So yeah, brag it up. Even if you regret it in the morning!

I will also shower you in compliments for posting. (But really.)


I finally figured out the brushes that I favor for nature painting! I'm so happy with the result, and it makes a great css background because its so huge :O



I've only made one other fake "screenshot" so I wanted to try again with a new art style! It was fun and I learnt a lot so I'm p pleased with it even if there are a few things I still wanna fiddle with. c: 

I might do more in the future.


FINISHED SINFONIA'S SECOND DEMO!!!! I never expected to get this far and it's honestly making my head spin a little 



I'm actually really proud of myself for a lot of things right now even if some are hella bitter sweet. But dang. Im super proud of myself for finally having finished bios outside of my meet the creator!!!! Frickin Vadim AND Greyson are both done. And just ahhhh. IM ALSO SUPER PROUD THAT IN A THREAD SOMEONE READ VADIMS BIO AND POINTED OUT ALL THE IMPORTANT THINGS AND LIKE READ HIS CHARACTER EXACTLY AS I WANTED IT TO BE READ. I WAS SO PROUD AND THANKFUL ALL AT ONCE!!

||This whole thread just makes me super happy. Thank you for creating it, Kadrina.


(clears throat and whips out my magnum opus) WELLLLL,,,....

-I've successfully made custom amiibo in a turnaround time of 3 days per amiibo or less

-I wrote 1,000 words into an essay last night in 2 hours (and I feel like im dying but hey i did that)

-successfully budgeted so that i have money left over from shit (and then had to spend it on medicine oof)

-got perfect gear in splatoon 2 in abt 1 hour per gear (not ALL gear but enough)

-nearly completed my amiibo collection of the splatoon line!!

-managed to break even with my main rival in smash ultimate (im getting there,)


looked at my accounts, and I made about $3000 in commissions last year?? It's wild cause I only had them open for 3 months. I'm excited about what this means for the future!


This is my first post and I'm new to TH, buuuut.....I finally got some of my characters' information planned out! The one I'm most proud of (and have posted up for people to see) is Cato! Check him out! :3


i spent, like, a month of my time creating something i really really loved! A nebula/reader self insert fic. this was kind of a treat for myself that lasted longer than it was supposed to because it is currently uhhhh 123,090 words long. I'm making a sequel when Endgame comes out.

also my favorite OC, pacify, came out of it, so like thats cool. and she's beautiful and revamped and. not a self insert.


okay so I just finished this animation thing and even though it has some flaws I'm proud of it and very satisfied with the end result :3


I finally finished the profiles of two more of my characters, Neta and Vesna (aside from putting together playlists, aesthetic pics, and recoloring the boxes and stuff to fit their designs, which are really secondary goals to getting all of their information down in the first place anyway haha)! Now only one character left in their circle needs a proper profile, and with any luck I'll be able to finish his in the next day or two. That'll make the four of them the first full group of characters to all have complete profiles on my account, something that's been a long time coming c:

Update: I finished the last one. the circle is complete.


finally learning how to use LMMS and Aquestone (it's a voice synth that's a lil' tricky to use but I like its sound). Too lazy to upload and post this but I made a mini demo-song-thing with both of them and I wanna try working on it more now <3


I did this animation and I love it ahhhhhh

I've been wanting to animate Piper's backstory for a while, because she's my animation character, so this was really fun! I'm still finishing up the rest of her backstory (I can't voice act and 2/3 of the voices are male RIP) so I used some clips from that to work into the intro sequence.