🔥✨Writing 10 DA point Bios!! ✨🔥 (CLOSED)

Posted 7 months, 15 days ago (Edited 5 months, 22 days ago) by Dawnstorm111

So I really need DA points! No one wants to buy my characters and I'm garbage at art, so I was thinking maybe I could write bios for your characters for DA Points. Since I know I'm an okay writer, but not so good that I'll get lots of money from it, I'm pricing them at 10 DA Points. I need 350 DA points to get a new character! Examples will be under my form.

 My DA is Dawnstorm111 (same as on here), so gift them there. Just fill out this form and we'll be good!


Character you want me to write a bio for:

Minimum/Maximum # of Words:

Theme (does you have a certain theme you want the bio to be?):

Any Backstory/Ideas (do you have any existing backstory/ideas that I'll base my bio off of?):

DA Username:


https://toyhou.se/2870851.devin (I got him from a WTA, so you know it's my work)

https://toyhou.se/2949142.hua-shengkai (she's still a WIP, but one of my more elaborate works, again I got her from a WTA)

https://toyhou.se/718482.-victoria- (A more personality based work and is less elaborate, but also from a WTA)

https://toyhou.se/1004892.narita (A small blurb about her, another WIP and is yet again from a WTA)

Also, please bump! Thanks! <3


GhostRaven I'm currently doing Reblod's two characters, so yours may take a bit longer. I'll get to it as fast as possible, though!


Username: libellule

Character you want me to write a bio for: https://toyhou.se/1859255.edith

Minimum/Maximum # of Words: up to you!

Theme: cheerful and nosy nurse who loves helping others & playing with children

Any Backstory/Ideas: her brother (https://toyhou.se/1867450.landon) and neighbour (https://toyhou.se/1776568.esmeralda) can give you an idea of her childhood

DA Username: chouo

Thank you!


Libellule I'll get to your character after Reblod's and GhostRaven's!


Ok thank you c: just let me know when you’d like me to pay!


Dawnstorm111 Yeah, I just saw them and read Fafnir's! It was really good, thank you so much for writing it!!



Would it be okay with you if I made Ehno originally be a statue that was brought to life by magic of some sort?


Dawnstorm111 Yep, that's fine


Reblod Libellule GhostRaven I have school now, so requests may take a bit longer, sorry!


No problem take the time you need ^^


Bakugo_ Finally starting your character’s backstory!! Sorry for the long wait!!


Libellule Are you still interested in a 10 point bio?


Yep c: