🌈 LGBT+ OCs discussion thread

Posted 2 months, 2 days ago (Edited 1 month, 8 days ago) by Judas-la-Carotte

Hi! Following some discussion in the "TH pet peeves" thread, I've decided to create a discussion thread specifically dedicated to discussion around LGBT+ OCs. This is not a "show me..." thread (I'm sure there's plenty of these in Character Discussion already), it's a thread where you can share your thoughts or ask for advice!

Share your thoughts: Ramble about your experience with LGBT+ OCs, share some tropes you like/dislike, give ideas and tips to other OCs creators!

Ask for advice: Share your character ideas or profiles and ask for feedback! Or just ask a more specific question about something you're unsure about!

I hope this kind of thread is allowed and that you will like it! Tell me if anything needs to be added in the OP. Have fun, and please keep things civil ♥


Beefy I'm super happy to hear that!! I'm always a sucker for learning more about lore and since I sort of went pretty hardcore with Sinfonia and the amount of lore and in-world history I put into it, I figured short stories would be the perfect way for me to talk more about stuff in a place where people can find it AND where it feels more relevant to the game itself! 

circlejourney I think you're perfectly right! I feel like all I ever see are discussions surrounding big names/companies or people who go out of their way to advertise their content as representation, and it's easy to forget the standards aren't the same for every piece of media out there. Especially considering how easily I get anxious over Discourse it's just... so easy to forget these things are so heavily tied around their own specific contexts and advertisement. 

That's also a good point too! I don't think if there is a natural sounding way for him to mention those sort of things since he isn't a major character by any means (and actually has his own bigger story I'm eventually going to write out), but I think I can still definitely challenge myself to give it a shot & if nothing else I can keep this in mind in the short story I figured I could write as additional lore. 


Caine I feel your fears about the Discourse, haha. Honestly, I would have a lot of trouble looking at a work by an indie creator who is themself LGBT+ and who clearly cares about the issue, and thinking, "this doesn't count." Especially if it's a side character who isn't even in focus long enough for many of their other personal details to be disclosed, let alone a fact they guard so closely.

But I think the short tie-in story is a fantastic idea. Would it be accessible alongside the main game or something you'd publish independently? I'm totally thinking of doing the same--developing side characters in tie-ins--myself!


circlejourney I figured I'd make them unlockable in-game! Or with my skills it'd basically be getting passwords for password locked document files whenever you progress in the game, so when you finish the game you have passwords for all the files, with no extra effort needed to get them. I remember a game named DELETE do something similar with having some files behind password protection and only by doing things in-game you'd get those passwords. It definitely works better as a curiosity in games where you actually have to Do something to get them like go to right place or talk to a right person, but I still personally love knowing I have Unlocked Extra Material even if it's just progress related. 


I would like some opinions on a situation that made me feel kinda weird and maybe some stranger's would have something to add or share. 

I'm a gay guy (technically demisexual but I've only been attracted to men so I default to that for the most part). And in a server I'm on, someone joined tonight and is super gushing over one of their characters. It's an RP server, this sort of behaviour is normal, but they kept over and over referring to their OC as a twink. 

Now, I'm familiar with this term, and would be considered one, but have never called myself that. This person doesn't know me either and wouldn't know what I look like physically. 

But they kept over and over just "look at this twink" and "my little twink lmao" to the point I started to feel they were over focused on that part of their character. To me I feel like it was something they were over obsessed with, like they couldn't stop having to point it out. I know it's not an offensive term but I've never seen it used so much, let alone all at one time. It makes me very uncomfortable to be around this person. 

What do you guys think? Do they sound like they're too focused on their OC being a twink or am I just a paranoid old man who needs to chill? Either way I'm going to be keeping my distance from them for now, as I don't feel great around them, but I hope to be better with them in the future ! 


TheStrayCat I personally don't see much of an issue it? But mostly because I most Definitely am a twink and as such tend to sometimes be all affectionately "look at this idiot twink" about my own characters as well, and I know a lot of my mlm friends do the same with their OCs without really thinking other people might find it weird or uncomfortable? And for a lot of LGBT+ folks themselves constantly bringing up the LGBT+ identity (whatever they might be) of their character is related to their own pride, so if they don't use a slur term or something I usually just let it slide, even if they might come across as a little obnoxious or overbearing to me personally. Especially if the person is young I can totally understand why they'd feel like this part of the character's identity, as it's just... something young people tend to do, in general. 

At the end of the day I don't think there is... awfully much you can do about it aside from maybe avoiding the person, which it seems you're already doing? And I mean of course you can also tell that person it's making you as a gay man a tad uncomfortable, but it might result in a conflict situation I know I personally would rather just avoid.