Simply put, what do you consider the main influences in your art and/or writing style? 

Are they other Internet artists? Classical painters? Mangakas? YA literature? Feel free to tell in just as much detail as you wish, but remember to put images under spoilers if you're posting particularly large images! This is also a totally welcome thread for both writers and artists, so don't feel intimated!! 


Great discussion! Technically, this isn't the artist that kicked me off to go with my current style but Yoshihiro Nagamori does play quite an huge inspiration to me! He did the character design for a lot of my favorite childhood anime and I still adore his artworks even today... I just admire his usage and colors and posing, especially the ones he did here. (His character designs are super great too!! If the influence wasn't clear enough lol) (Side note; he also have a Twitter for more recent works/doodles!) 

Some of my favorite artists from dA also influenced me a lot--particularly Raeyxia because she's the one that inspired me to draw digitally despite not being able to afford a tablet back then fun fact I still do not own any that I literally joined her streams/observe her speedpaints to learn how she draw/color her works- (I don't. know if it's a good idea to expose her old art but her older works even using a mouse was super good that my middle school self often look up and praised her for that LOL) She definitely have improved a lot and have her own noticeable/trademark artstyle that you could tell from first glance and I aim to be like that too :")

Story wise; simply put-- I mostly inspire from series I enjoy.... I kinda have this strong attachment towards things I liked when I was younger that it kinda influenced in my OCs too (not to mention, a lot of my OCs are characters I create when I was still young-) but as I grew older, I tried to sprinkle some more aspects I find would fit in these characters realistically or psychologically, I guess? Not sure what influence on that part but it's fun to think that I almost kinda grew up together with them and went from "OCs I create base off my fav animes for fun" to projecting my own experiences/thoughts/inspirations into them. (There's still a lot of anime-influenced tropes in my characters/stories though but dgajhda to be frank as ~weeb~ as it sounds it's the thing I'm comfortable with the most?? so. you feel me.)

I still don't have an exact person or works of inspiration in writing but I tried using my knowledge during my two years of being a literature student once? I do have few friends who's really great at writing fanfics and I often read their works to support them and kinda take a note or two in their writing style which does helped in many ways :'D


Ooh I love this thread idea!

I know that internet artists are my greatest influencers towards my art style. I remember the reason why I started drawing/ the first person to influence me was literally a person who was known for their comics on Neopets :'D I loved their stories and how they drew every time, their comics was the reason why I wanted to make my own comics too never posted of course lol they still influence me even after years! There was just something about  their style that I found? Filling/ satisfying, if that makes sense. They  even introduced me to deviantArt, and I found other amazing and popular  artists like the creator of Stupid Fox or the creator of Knite and 1000 words. Their styles are so beautiful, I just couldn't help but go like "yeah I wanna draw too!! I wanna be like these people!!"

Nowadays, I follow and get inspired by other internet artists. Biggest ones I can think of that is major Art Goals are: Picolo (Twitter), ABD-Illustrates (Tumblr), tovanori (Tumblr), rontra (Tumblr), CT (Twitter), nantoka_rin(Twitter) and Horikoshi (Twitter).  There's just something about their styles that I find SO appealing and  satisfying to look at. I struggle with trying to find a balance between a  style that fits all of my likes, but for somehow these artists just hit  the nail on how I would like to draw too!! I have plenty of other  artists that has beautiful works (and some of them I'm amazingly mutuals with, which makes me super flustered ajsdfhaksjd), but these few artists greatly influenced my own art style :'D


I used to wanna write like James Patterson but I'm not so good at brevity. I read a lot of YA as a kid and teen so that helped developed my sense for what details are necessary and what isn't. In general, my writing shifts a little bit based on genre. I used to read a lot of creepypasta so when I'm going for something more violence or dark, I try to imitate those styles. My main characters fit in a comic book universe so I try to force my plots to fit into that kind of parameter; however, I don't post long enough drabbles on TH so plot isn't as important. I read some straight up adult novels my senior year as well as some classics, though I can't say how much those have influenced my writing so much as my reading tastes. 

When it comes to action, I would love to emulate a fanfiction writer that I adore - glenarvon from ao3's watch dog series brilliancy is so (wait for it) brilliantly written that I re-read it constantly, and I do mean constantly. My phone is always loaded up on one of the installments in the series so I can read it whenever I have a chance. I would love to write action and longer stories in this kind of way.


i actually publicly list my biggest art inspirations, which are o_8, maddoxfanx, and orangejulcy. their styles really stand out to me!


It's pretty obvious with my art style I think--Fujio Akatsuka, Osamu Tezuka, Shin-Chan, Rumiko Takahashi


When I first started drawing more "seriously" I was drawing in an anime style.  I've changed my style since then, but the anime influence is definitely still there. I have an unhealthy obsession with drawing impossible hair styles and ridiculous weapons.  For my animals, I've kind of got a weird Skylanders/My Little Pony/Pokemon thing going on.  Combine all those influences in one, and you've got a pretty juvenile style... people never can tell how old (or even what gender) my characters are, oops.


My inspirations are pretty hard to pinpoint right now as I draw in a sort of blend of a bunch of different styles, but my older art was influenced a lot by Steven Universe. It's most prevalent in this. (What was I even thinking with that right outfit though)

In all my art, there is an anime influence, whether prevalent or not. I've only watched one or two anime in my life, so it's mostly the internet culture surrounding it that influenced me. 

There is really only one detail with my art that I can trace back to one specific person- whenever I draw detailed shiny eyes, I draw inspiration from Hyanna-Natsu. I'm sure she's far from the only one who does these opalescent eyes, but she's the one I got it from.


lots and lots of anime/manga xD i also love traditional art esp the impressionists

@catcuscakes ooo yea shin chan Cx


Art wise I'm not actually sure. It's tricky to pinpoint influences because I have been drawing for so long (13 years). I can say Kiwi Byrd and Remarin def influenced how I use layers to shade a drawing.

Writing wise, Tom Clancy, Philip K Dick and a novel trilogy called Death's Head by David Gunn def influenced my writing style when I started out. More recently, Geoffery Wellum's biography First Light has been an influence. He's got a way with words that's just the right mix of emotional impact and technical information (the technical info being explained minimally in layman's terms that doesn't read as patronizing and doesn't take emotional impact away from an intense moment). I love that and it's essentially what I'm trying to aim for with my historical stuff. That slightly dark, sarcastic and dry humored tone a lot of fanfics (especially Star Wars/Star Trek fics) are written in has def influenced me because it's something I enjoy to read so naturally I've started taking on that kind of tone too.

Slightly off topic but the fic timeandtimor linked to is exactly the kinda thing I'm aiming for all my OC's, a series of episodic one-shots, some longer than others that fit into a timeline that can loosely be called a plot. I used to get stressed thinking I HAD to make a novel or a comic because a lot of people would be like well why aren't you using your talent to write/draw a novel/comic it's a waste if you're not. Thing is I can write an chapter out in the space of 1k-2k words (I've got a mini fic WIP where the "chapters" are within the 300-500 word range) and not feel the need to add anything else to it, I struggle to stick with anything that goes over 6k words because I end up feeling like I'm just writing filler to up the word count, I also struggle with combining scenes even if they are very close together in the timeline like days/a week apart into something longer for the same reason. Fanfics are almost a reassurance that actually, I don't have to make long stuff so in that sense they've influenced the episodic style I am more comfortable writing in. 


I actually happen to have this inspiration chart meme still saved from earlier this year where you put your own art in the middle and your biggest inspirations around it to compare


Nowadays my biggest inspirations are definitely 70s shoujo mangakas like Keiko Takemiya, Moto Hagio and the much lesser known Yoshimi Uchida. From a more modern front it's Yuhki Kamatani (not only in terms of art but also storytelling) and Kaoru Mori, who I know I'll never win in terms of ridiculously detailed clothing items, but at least I can put up a good fight if nothing else lmao. I used to have more shounen/seinen focused inspirations when I was younger and I used to imitate a lot of mangakas' styles, such as Gosho Aoyama, but I really only liked a certain era in his art and before and after that it's like... no thanks... 

As for other artists online, I was initially super inspired by a lot of Finnish canine and furry artists, as this was where I started from! Some names were VirvaPP, IsisMasshiro and Linzu to name a few. Nowadays I don't follow any of them though, and they have all moved on to new things and fandoms pretty much or alternatively had a long period of no activity so I unfollowed.  Some later art inspirations in the past were Idheen, Fuugis, CanisAlbus, Sambees and the duo Tetramera. I feel like after canine and furry art phase was over though I never idolized other artists the same ways, but it might have something to do with the fact I was already older by then and usually at that age people just... tend to get more independent and more distant from their original hero figures. 

Writing wise I think Ronove (the creator of Star Stealing Prince and Ephemeral Prince) had a huge impact on me, as SSP and EP were works that pushed me back into writing prose. I also consider Oscar Wilde, James Henry, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Anu Holopainen and Timo Parvela my biggest influences? Also Ryukishi07 and Nasu, because Umineko and Fate have played a huge role in my life and writing ever since I played them. I feel like these things really show in the way I absolutely love repetition, playing with the visuals of the words (using colors, different fonts and other visual tricks like corrupted text) and I love to make everything sound very dramatic lmao. I feel like the fact I have consumed a lot of classic literature both in Finnish and English has made the language I use somewhat archaic at times, but I think it usually fits the setting, given I tend to write about characters who live in a faux-Victorian setting. 


I don't think I can pinpoint it to specific artists but I suppose I could say that I was influenced by the various manga styles I've read when younger. Specifically, back then I've read a lot of yaoi and shoujo ^^; Possibly the reason why I always draw men haha xD I think my style feels so much like "me" that it's hard to tell where any sort of inspiration may come from ;; However, recently I've been loving the type of style Korean webcomics have; no matter how different they look at first glance there's just something about them that they do all have in common and I find it very pleasing. Most of them have super amazing coloring styles though :O They're too complicated for me but I love them XD 

Not much I can say writing wise lol. Though I recently read a book that was translated into English from Norwegian and I thought it was interesting; the writing style took some time to get used to since the way it was written, at some parts there had explanations that seemed to go off on tangents but yet, it managed to come back to the initial statement at hand. At first I thought the translation was wonky, but the further I read, the more I got used to it, and in a way I kind of like it now xD In a way it is similar to the way I think, whenever I'm in a thinking sort of mood, or when I feel a strange sort of peace with myself. I kind of want to explore something like this more, or eventually. 


There are three things I attribute my everything to. Ayami Kojima, the Castlevania series and the first Shadow Hearts game.

Prior to my introduction to Castlevania and Ayami Kojima I had never made oc's outside of fan ocs and I was content to them. I remember I was looking for PS2 games to play at my local blockbuster and came upon Lament of Innocence. I wasn't really into art at the time and I wasn't really into much besides I think like DBZ and Naruto. Idk. But oh man I saw that cover and I can say it was sort of life changing in a weird way. I've never seen art like that and it was so beautiful and romantic but at the same time i didn't know how to put words to it? I wasn't able to speak to the feelings it gave me at the time but i know i wanted more of whatever I was seeing. So playing the game I was just screaming in happiness. And then seeing more of Ayami Kojima and her amazing works. It was just an eye opener to me to see something so detailed and advance? The men and women were gorgeous in such mature and refined ways. I wasn't used to that at the time. It opened my eyes to a whole world of new things.

Shadow Hearts was a game that introduced me to so many different characters that while not deep, were well realized and written and made me want that. Yuri and his crew were so odd and so mismatched but they got together so well and they were saving the world! They were exciting! Their world was so well lived in and worked on and they were such products of it. Made me want characters to call my own. They started me in roleplaying which is what lead me to write. I've always strove to interpret my mental worlds and to conjurer very specific images to the minds of readers and anyone viewing my art. I'm not there yet. Not by a long slide but i keep in mind the moments that have lingered with me for the last 18 years. That really defined me as a creator and are the moments I want to recreate for others viewing the things i write or create.

I can't say I have any internet/current artists that I attribute my ever evolving style to. There's an absolute shit ton that i just fuckin love and adore don't get me wrong, but none that inspire me.


My art style was largely influenced by the Mario games. It's always been my favorite franchise, and the art style is extremely appealing to me with its cartoony look, so of course I tried to replicate that. I'm definitely heading in my own direction with my style, but it's still very noticable. I was also influenced by Pokemon to a lesser extent, as well as Western cartoons.


A looot has influeced my art style over the years lol. Although no matter how much I tried to copy something, or aim for something completely different, artists such as fadocanslap or trcoot have always been a huge inspiration for me. I also absolutely adore minahamu which I discovered a few months ago, they have been a big favorite of mine since then. I also alwaaays loved the sonic channel art style, atlhough thats something completely different from what I listed lolol.

Right now, I feel like I finally found a balance as in how I want to draw... my influences were always all over the place, since what I liked was always so different. So I'd always be like, oh I wanna draw like this, and that too! and never be able to really decide, and feel unsatisfied after a while. I just like so many different things, it's hard to pinpoint one thing exactly!

An other kind of influence is music, based on the song I'm listening to, or what the title of the song is, the lyrics or instrumentals... it really influences what I draw exactly. I've been listening to a lot of like 'noisy' 'edgy' rock lately, and that influences me to make more 'darker' and 'edgy' stuff. It has always been an important part of when I draw! 


I think my biggest one has to be video games and music. Like for years the wind waker/"toon" zelda artstyles have been a major insp because hey Spirit Tracks, Wind Waker, and Minish cap are some of my fav Zelda games. I was and still am drawn to that style. This is more recent bc i started picking up the games last year but I really dig the style of the DDR dancer models (I'm talking abt the older games bc I love low-poly/cell shaded models like this)

i should just say any game with a low-poly-ish and/or cell shaded style bc i could go on and on about it.

Music idk it's weird like idk if anyone else does the same thing but I associate certain sounds or music genres etc. with a style (eg: Breakcore with a sketchy/grungy style, soft edges/pastels/anime with future bass) and overall I really like hardcore and/or fast paced music and I associate that with an, angular, dramatic style (which is what i've been trying to work towards for a year now) I think for other genres I'm influenced by there's noisy-ish music, Speedcore (ikr?), trance, gabber, jungle, breakcore, and hardcore dnb