Simply put, what do you consider the main influences in your art and/or writing style? 

Are they other Internet artists? Classical painters? Mangakas? YA literature? Feel free to tell in just as much detail as you wish, but remember to put images under spoilers if you're posting particularly large images! This is also a totally welcome thread for both writers and artists, so don't feel intimated!! 


goth/alt comics from the early 2000's ! even though jhonen vasquez and roman dirge are probably the most well-known creators of the subgenre, their work didn't inspire me nearly as much as FSc's art in nightmares & fairy tales. even through the horror and violence there's like this.. dreamlike, delicate quality to FSc's style that REALLY stuck with me and i still consider her work my number one influence, whether it shines through in my own art or not



even though it's been about 13 years since i first spotted wet moon at my comic shop, i finally picked it up within the year and it's had a fresh impact on my style. sophie campbell's character designs are beautiful, it's so so so refreshing to see crooked teeth, scars, physical disabilities, all sorts of diverse body types and facial features represented in such a positive light !! they add such realistic charm to characters who are already so believable and likable


my last and probably most visible influence is my friends' art ! my style's changed so much in such a short amount of time because i surrounded myself with so many talented and kind people in the last few years. they've inspired me to break out of my comfort zone & experiment and actually have fun designing new weird creatures. for so long i was afraid no one would care about my characters if they weren't all young conventionally attractive humanoids but eventually i realized that if my friends can just draw things that they like and still have their work positively received, maybe its possible for me too


Not sure about the writing side of things, since that's a lot harder to track, but my art has historically taken a huge influence from Hiroshi Kajiyama's work on the Golden Sun series, and my design sensibilities take a lot from both that series and the GBA-through-DS Fire Emblems (mostly Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance, though). More recently, it's again harder to track; I consume a lot more art from different artists so it's harder to say what came from any given artist.


Not very sure whether they really influence me or not, but I deeply admire and follows these mangaka/illustrators: toboso yana, mochizuki jun, tsukiji nao, yukihiro utako, suzunosuke, and kinako. There are more but these are the "top priority" list


Artists mostly make me try out new mediums, like animation, painting and sculpture. It's really rare that I pick a certain type of artstyle because of them.

More generally, Maliki has inspired me since I began to read his comics - 8-9 - even if I lost quite track lately. Hitoshi Tomizawa has a huge influence on me, notably with his works Milk Closet and Alien 9, especially with my art style.

As of writing style, it's more on the book I'm reading at the moment - but romantic authors are a big like of me, so I will say they are a big inspiration. I tend to write based on songs lyrics, does it count ? ^_^"


Art - hoo boy. I used to be into the homogenous Disney storyboarder/character designer/whatever style, but now I'm a huge sucker for lowbrow and skate art (as well as some early 2000s cartoons, e.g. Dexter's Lab). Some artists I can confidently list as my inspirations are Jimbo Phillips, Angry-Baby (they're a user on here!), and Donya Todd. I feel that there's a lot of things that unconsciously influence me, though, depending on my environment and the people I interact with. 

Writing - there is a LOT. To cut a long, rambling rant short, I'm mostly influenced by New Wave speculative fiction (PKD and Harlan Ellison specifically) and beat/L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E poetry.


Pokemon inspired me to actually write deeper characters and more morally gray stories (Digimon and Fire Emblem upped these up a lot)

Also Fire Emblem got me 500% into weeb art because I wanna draw the smash bois right