Do you resemble your persona(s)?

Posted 7 months, 5 days ago by Nick Shyads

Do you prefer making 'sonas that look like you?

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24 Votes No

Someone I follow just shared a picture of themselves, and the resemblance to their persona was so accurate it was almost scary! It made me think, "wow, I don't think I've ever created a character to represent Me that has looked anything like me at all." Like Nick here is my fursona, and (in case anyone was hopeful) I regret to inform you that no, my eyes aren't that big lmao

So, do you and your persona/fursona/self-insert-character look alike?

I'm not comfy sharing pictures of my face, so obviously you don't have to to be part of the discussion, I'd love if you could post with a persona of yours and say if they're an accurate depiction of yourself!


i don't think i look like any of my sonas tbh - or kiyung (who might as well be my persona) for that matter
only thing i have in common w/ the three of them is we're all feminine men who are cursed w/ chronic baby face lol - i mean, personality wise i'm a spitting image tho

i do wanna grow my hair out like ki and get a tongue stud like the three of them too, but i can't get past the shitty 'medium' hair stage between short and long it's so ugly 😭 (plus i don't think it'd suit me, and i'm too weak to get a piercing rip maybe one day)

Taxionna Halfcaste Wonderland

I did base a good deal of Taxionna off myself. She’s a little more idealised mind you 🤔

Nef Historia

I never made sonas that look like me, because honestly, I look pretty ugly irl (and also, I refuse to show my face online, due to reasons).

Personality-wise, however, I am lazy just like Nef.

Bernard (Bernadette) d'Eon Angry-Moth-Noises

I have only successfully had one persona. They all end up becoming characters. Only one character of mine I felt attached to as an outer representation of my self. But the character had their own story too. I had this persona from ages 7-16. And for reasons the character is no longer my person.

I wanted this character to be my persona because I finally had a moth character to put with my Internet handle. But went against it because he is tan and I am not.

I also have a fursona who is named Church... but to an extent he doesn't have a character and I don't feel he is a good representation of my self. But I still call him my fursona.

[Sona] Tick Tick

My main sona's appearance is heavily based off how I look irl :3

Hej hedgemaze

As much as one can look like a potted plant, I do look like hej (glasses, short spiky "hair", could be blown over in a stiff breeze). lmao

(I didn't look anything like Chanda or H)

Fursona Caine

I modeled my fursona's appearance after mine, so it honestly really corresponds to me in terms of stuff like hair and eyes (even the shoujo tier eyelashes; the only thing my genetics truly blessed me with) and body shape. Of course I'm not this strange mix of lion and some sort of weasel animal (stoat/ferret being the closest) but I do prefer making my fursona look like me as much as a fursona just can! It also helps that he isn't a character as much as he is just my self portrait, so I don't need to feel weird about it? Like I don't need to write about him for stories or anything or make him interact with anything, unless it's friend fursonas or something to correspond to our actual relationship irl 

kitsu zinnia

what do u mean this is 100% what i look like irl

but YEA like caine my fursona is like.... literally just 100% me (though less in appearance, though my entire wardrobe IS pj pants and sweaters/hoodies)
a lot of my past sonas have been like.. glorified versions of me/what i wish i was but this is the first time ive had a fursona thats Literally Just Me and i like it


Absolutely not :D

personally if i'm going to use a persona i'm going 100% escapism and not look anything like them. i get enough of myself in real life I dont need more of me 

Hendrix RU-HX

Absolutely not lmao. The only thing he really shares with me is a good chunk of my personality. Our thought processing is also pretty similar, Hendrix's mind works a little faster than I do because of his job but the attempting to compartmentalize stuff (and failing) is pretty spot on. 

A lot of my OC's have odd bits of my personality in them though. Hendrix is a vent/coping character originally so I kinda projected onto him a fair bit without really meaning to. 

Storm Stormchi

Storm is more or less how I wish I looked + being a neko

Though we both have brown hair and brown eyes (But she wears contacts instead of glasses most of the time)

Vincent Vangoat VincentVanGoat

I mean we got the same hair color more or less.

I mean goat aspect aside, characters are an escape for me, thus making one look as bad as me is no bueno.

Renigee (bat-girl) Renigee

Of course, haven't you ever seen that I have green freckles and bat wings-

(My sona looks nothing like me. She is escapism, like many others have said, so she can't look as horrendous as me.)

Seiden Seiden

To me, the definition of a persona/fursona is that it's just a graphic representation of you, then, yes, I think it's meant to look like you? Even though in the case of a fursona, it will have some obvious differences....

My fursona is a cat, and, of course, I do not have pointy furry ears nor a tail, and I'm not even covered in fur, but his body type, size, weight and clothes are the same than me, he was supposed to look like me, to be exactly me, but as a cat.
This drawing up there is exactly me. The hat I always wear (well the mine doesn't have ear holes but), the scarf I often wear, my glasses, my coat... And my usual facial expression :') 
If I would do a human persona for any reason, it would really just be a visual, acurate representation of myself. Same hairs, same eyes, same face-shape, etc.

If it wouldn't look like me, it would be an OC, not a persona/fursona.