Do you resemble your persona(s)?

Posted 7 months, 5 days ago by Nick Shyads

Do you prefer making 'sonas that look like you?

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24 Votes No

Someone I follow just shared a picture of themselves, and the resemblance to their persona was so accurate it was almost scary! It made me think, "wow, I don't think I've ever created a character to represent Me that has looked anything like me at all." Like Nick here is my fursona, and (in case anyone was hopeful) I regret to inform you that no, my eyes aren't that big lmao

So, do you and your persona/fursona/self-insert-character look alike?

I'm not comfy sharing pictures of my face, so obviously you don't have to to be part of the discussion, I'd love if you could post with a persona of yours and say if they're an accurate depiction of yourself!

Sora SoraDeathEater

I made her to look like me with some differences (specifically our eyes) other than that we looked similar c: now.. I don’t have long pink puffy hair ;o; Our personalities don’t match anymore.. And well she’s become her own person now ;o; She has always been my “Sona” until recently x.x I’m hoping my next one looks like me (if not it’s fine) but they will inherit my personality and everything(including the name Sora XD) c: And hopefully SHE won’t leave me to join her own story ;o;

Artifex Polymorphus

Sorta! I mean, I'm not a dragon, but I do have wavy brown hair with bleached ends and I tend to dye them uv green, and I do have a a small/thin build, and I am ADHD + Dyslexic, so Artifex is pretty much me in derg form XD

The fun thing though is that I kinda based her family tree off of mine to! I have a really odd bloodline that runs back to Greek aristocrats, world war 2 physicists, and hecken George Washington (which stinks because I personally feel so very uninteresting and I may have let my family down but anyhow) Artifex totally has western sandburr hybranization and a famous war general in her background! 

Ren || 錬 Ethereum

My "Persona"s aren't a perfect representation of me. Ren 「錬」is but not because he's a persona, but just because he's me. He's my way of letting people get a taste of who I am before deciding if they want to interact with me. He's technically my "meet the creator". I posted as him for if you want to check that out. My actual face isn't showing fully in irl photos but the art depiction I made recently.

The rest of my "Persona"s are only loosely based off me [the rest are in the same picture I referred to above]. Gracie looks exactly like me when I was little because I wanted her to be accurate. Greyson is also semi accurate as to what I MAY have looked like and he kept my height. The other 3 of my 6 are pieces of my personality put into incarnations because I wanted to express them more fully or explore them.

To me a persona is something that REPRESENTS YOU in one way or another. Whether it is you in your entirety, a piece of your past put into a character as it's center, a way of seeing an alternate of who you may have been, a piece of your personality that you wouldn't be you without put into something much more blatant. I know my definition differs from a lot of peoples, but that's just the way I see it.

Eunhae Nemisis

Most of the characters I make don't resemble me in the slightest, but personality wise I'll always stick a little bit of me into them.

aside from the purple eyes and I have shorter messier hair I kinda look like Euhae. 


D ohmiyoni

Oh boyyyy!! I made Big D (or just D hehe) really as an extension of myself. Ever since I learned how clumsy and fluffy red pandas can be I’ve kind of modeled D after that, but really she molds herself around however I look and feel at the time.

She’s so much a sona in fact, that poor D doesn’t have a personality or backstory. She’s just... me. I guess I have those, lmao, but essentially D *is* me.