Art school or just a hobby?

Posted 3 months, 12 days ago by Mememily

Career or Hobby?

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I plan to go to school for animation next year so I was curious as to how many people are planning on making it a career or if it’s just a hobby for them 💖


I hope to open money commissions when I'm able to but currently it's a hobby for me. I'm greedy and want money lol so I'm happily suffering for my science degree ♡ 


Kirbygal i would've liked to go into science but im *dumb* i took one chemistry course and dipped


Aww ;w; lol chem was the reason I went for it XD though it's getting harder now oof


Currently I'm trying to make a career out of art. I used to be a biology major but toward the end of my degree I realized i wasn't interested in any jobs related to biology lol. And I would have to take more years of schooling anyway to get to those jobs. I got pretty sick of studying something I hadn't had any real passion in so I decided to pursue art instead because it's the one thing I'll do anything to get better at. It's tough but I'm learning slowly on my own and from resources on the internet. 


arodude the internets always been my greatest teacher! your arts really cute im sure youll make it! <3


Haha thanks! I appreciate it.


Def just a hobby for me because I want a career in the merchant navy which would require me to go to a maritime college to get the job I want and the only reason I draw to make visuals of my OC's (I am a very visual person, it helps me solidify ideas and become attached to the character). 

That said, art is a hobby I take very seriously (I have Perfectionist IssuesTM that kick in big time when I draw). Whilst I have taken a few comms when I've wanted stuff but it's not something I'm really interested in making a career out of purely because of WHY I draw and because I love working on ships much more than I love drawing. 

I have been looking at FDZ school and seriously considered it but I always hated making art for assignments for art classes so I don't think I'd enjoy art school very much. If I'm gonna be brutally honest with myself I'm not completely convinced I'd be able to cope with being in a production pipeline. I def like being able to spread out work and be able to work on my own stuff between comms so not being able to do that would get to me and make it stressful to really enjoy.


Even when I'm older, art will stay a hobby, because I don't want to think of it as work. I want it to stay fun. Plus, it's super hard to make a living off of and I'm sure there are people who can do it, but I am not one of them.


For me art is definitely just a hobby. When I was younger I had initially thought about perhaps having a career in it but as I grew up and my interests changed I'm now realizing that I simply don't have the passion nor patience for it. ; v ; I'm just not passionate enough for it. (It would be extremely fun to do tho! I will admit I think about it a lot!) But now I'm very keen on having a career as an Interpreter and Translator for various languages. It would definitely be a dream!  (There's so many languages I want to learn and I'm super passionate about it!!) 

I have thought about being a history professor. (Tho ultimately I want to be able to help and communicate with people) plus I'm basically a translator for my parents because they immigrated to the place where we currently live so I often translate a lot of things for them and once I even did it for a complete stranger and it was so much fun! It's also super fun because I was able to help out an exchange student too cause we spoke the same language 



RU-HX : very interesting career path! i have a friend going into the marines next year (which ik isnt the same thing haha). best of luck to you!

Renigee : arts the only thing i've ever really been good at / had interest in pursuing for a long time so im hoping i dont end up living in a box lmao


Carlo : very cool! i love learning languages and had considered going to Japan as part of the JET program. still might if my art career doesnt pan out. what languages do you know the most of?


It's definitely a hobby for me. I do love drawing and would love / plan to open commissions one day for some extra spending money, but I wouldn't pursue it as a full time career. I did think it would be cool to be a character concept artist when I was younger after watching some Disney behind-the-scenes stuff, but I'm definitely not cut out for that, heh.

My passion for a career is web development / design. I want to try to do both, but focus mostly on development. It's something that I get super nerdy about because I think it's so much fun, and I'm really excited to start college for that one reason.


BroodingBungalow : i wish i knew more about web design haha, i might be able to spend less time fixing the code on my character profiles lol. thats really cool though!


Mine's a hobby-

I actually WENT to art school.  Never finished my degree though, school is not exactly my strong point I have issues actually showing up to class.

I work in sales.  Draw on the side.  I still work on commission however that's for my sales job not my art job lol


I used to dream about making it a career, but i never got any encouragement and lost the drive to pursue it. Now it's just a hobby and one I struggle with at that. I'd like to at least improve a little when I find the time and motivation, but the desire to do any kind of drawing or animation for a living is gone.  I just don't have the patience for it any more, and turning something like that into work would suck all the remaining fun out of it for me.