Art school or just a hobby?

Posted 3 months, 12 days ago by Mememily

Career or Hobby?

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I plan to go to school for animation next year so I was curious as to how many people are planning on making it a career or if itโ€™s just a hobby for them ๐Ÿ’–


Art has originally started off as just a fun hobby for me to do, as well as wanting to draw my own characters myself since I wouldn't have to commission other artists to draw my characters since I didn't have any money/points at the time. Plus, I feel they would get annoyed if I asked them to draw my characters too much, lmao. But honestly... I've been thinking lately that I do want to make it a career. I enjoy doing it and I could work at my own pace most of the time, so why not? Though... I am worried that I won't make enough money as an artist... But hopefully since I am planning to go to an art college, I will improve there ;w; I've flip-flopped back and forth whether I wanted to be a nurse, an artist, mortician, librarian, or a vet assistant... But I'm not sure if I would enjoy those other careers. So I've decided artist as my permanent path... Who knows, I can dream big... Maybe one day I'll work at Pixar...


Interestingly enough, art started off as just a hobby. I always used to tell myself that art was "just a hobby/ past time", and I mean it really did used to be like that. But overtime, I loved creating more and more, yet I still called it "just a hobby". People kept on telling me that my works was good and kept on thinking that I'd go into an art field, but I still kept on calling it a hobby. Long story short, it was hard for me to believe I can achieve with an artistic skill, and I kept on lying to myself that art would be nothing more than "just a hobby". (And it pretty much made me go into a deep depression when I forced myself in a program that I hated lol)

But I finally accepted that I really loved creating art and that I wanted to make it a career, and it made me super happy! (I don't know what specific path I'd like to take, but I definitely know that I want to be in here ^^) So in the end, art is no longer a hobby, but a goal for me to get a career in it!

And if anyone reads to the end of this, I wish you the very best in your artistic path! <3


art really just started out as a hobby for me since elementary school!! my cousin inspired me to get into art and i always aspired to create things like him. i really do enjoy making and speaking about art as a whole and i'm willing to join varieties of artistic communities, but i really don't see it becoming a profession of mine! personally, art will most likely continue to be a hobby for me, since i want to major in acting much more than art, though i do want to keep art by my side! i feel like i can release more emotion, become more social, and become more confident with myself through acting and theatre much more than i can with my art.

i don't plan to have art become my career, but good luck to those who do! careers in the art industry can be super hard to get, but a ton of work, practice, and dedication will most certainly get you there ^_^.