Songs you associate with your stories

Posted 8 months, 17 days ago by jammyrolling

I've seen songs you associate with your characters but never ones about your stories or your serieses :0

It's exactly what it says on the tin: What songs do you associate with your stories? 

For example, I really associate Charlie Brown (warning, flashing lights) with a subseries of mine! 
I also associate Birds with my Bridgeport story can you tell i like coldplay lol


Don't really have much yet, I'm still setting up


holy heck I  l o v e coldplay :)


Warning: some videos linked have shaking images/words.

I associate What Have I Become by All Good Things with my WW1/WW2 plots. I do use U2's Elevation as a theme for my OC Beck but I do associate it with my WW2 plot as a whole.

I associate Bowie's Starman and  Heaven Below's rock cover of Major Tom with my sci-fi plots.


My General Playlist is the music I listen to most of the time, and that includes writing and drawing

  •  It ranges from cute upbeat music such as Friend Shitai from Gakkou Gurashi and several Vocaloid songs to maintain what I want for my art style, I want to get a ''''moe'''' art style you commonly see from Vocaloid PVs and SoL girly anime
  • When I write, I listen to Umineko OST and Yuki Kajiura (namely Madoka Magica OST) to maintain the fairytale vibe of my story
  • I also listen to Metal Gear (mostly Rising) to maintain the modern vibe I'm also yearning for my story LMAo I listen to too much music so I can go on forever
But yeah, my style in creativity changes, depending on what I listen to ;_;

I'm on mobile so No Links but I associate muscians with my stories moreso than songs themselves! I associate my story Jabberwocky with Susumu Hirasawa, and my The Witch and the Poetess story with Joanna Newsom! 


This song tbh actually, the entire "Sherlock Holmes" movie franchise songs 🙏 fills my gaslight fantasy heart with joy


I often associate Starchild with my Sacred Sokuna story. There's no words, but somehow, it just seems like the perfect song to describe the world and lore.


I have lots of songs I associate with my stories and characters. I have entire playlists dedicated to it! Here are the playlists I have for my mains OCs Astrid and Robbie. I also have a playlist about my story/novel.


I.......have this habit of associating any shounen anime OP/EDs with my main story lol (I listen to these type of songs when drawing them) but ones that perfectly fits my story are The Biggest Dreamer by Wada Kouji, Be My Angel by Enomoto Atsuko and Legendary by Roselia

Also B.O.F. by Poppin'Party because this song makes me wanna cry

Ruthenia circlejourney

King of Anything is basically the theme song of Eagles and Swans, and also of Ruthenia as a character. Besides being the inspiration for Ruth, it captures the mood I was going for with the project, upbeat and uplifting, but also scathingly critical in some ways.


Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy literally works for any of my stories. it just does. well maybe not ALL of my stories but i swear it's most of them hahaha