WorldEmber 2018! Share your WorldAnvil

Posted 6 months, 14 days ago (Edited 6 months, 14 days ago) by ElithianFox

Are you entering WorldEmber 2018?

1 Votes Yes! I'm gonna win it
1 Votes Yes, but just for fun!
3 Votes Still considering
3 Votes Nah, it's not for me right now

I'm a bit late with this, but no threads have shown up on the topic, so let's go anyway!

WorldEmber is a worldbuilding challenge made by WorldAnvil to write a total of 10 000 words of worldbuilding in December. You don't have to be on the site to participate as you can just do this for yourself, but the site event has a lot of prizes available so it can help to sign up and make articles on there. Plus, I find it a useful site for its features, layout, and its feedback community! If you @ the official account and include #WorldEmber2018 in your tweet, the official Twitter account shares your article and it helps out a ton to get feedback.

Is anyone else entering or planning on entering now that you've found out this challenge exists? I'm participating this year not to win anything, but to get myself inspired to write more. You can find my grand total of two articles on my account!

Also, feel free to use this thread to share your WorldAnvil account here! I'd love to follow more people and read about y'alls amazing worlds ;v; And if you submit a new article, feel free to feature it here, be it on the site or on a different platform.


im like... 3k words in because ive been slacking

but here's mine ow<

its kind of a mess right now beccause im just dumping information orz... ill make it pretty later



This is the first time I'm hearing about this tbh and I think at this point I'm a tad too late for it! But I'll definitely register and try it next year ;v;


I don't do WorldEmber because I know I'm not dedicated enough to do stuff like that, but here's my WorldAnvil account (I mostly use it to keep track of stuff for a project I'm working on with my queer-platonic partner, it's a huge mess)
Also I love WorldAnvil in general



we did it reddit


zinnia Congrats! You did great :D

Meanwhile I am here with 11 hours and 4k words left ghc,fjxchkgjvhk