Show Me Underrated Artists!

Posted 5 months, 8 days ago by PixiWaltz

     Often due to so many artists being around and some algorithms, certain artists don't ever get discovered, and I think that's a real shame. SO, show me your favorite artists that don't get the attention they deserve. Whether they be adoptable makers, digital artists, traditional artists, etc. post them here!


Some of my favorite artists are Novasiri, Geelly, and Nyascree. idk if they're underrated but I think giving them some extra attention won't be a bad idea uwu

Novasiri is the creator of a fantasy webcomic named Aether Eternius. I love their character designs, they're amazing and fit well within their cartoony art style.

Geelly is mostly a Warrior Cats fan artist from what I know/see, and has a beautiful, unique art style.

Nyascree is an adoptable maker and digital artist (and also on TH under the same name if you wanna check 'em out) who draws a lot of monster people and creatures and has a great art style.


i don't wanna seem biased bc he's my bf, but matticus has got great art in my eyes - he's been my biggest inspiration since i was introduced to him back when i was thirteen just starting highschool and i rly looked up to him (still do, if it wasn't for him and his art i never would have even startes drawing w/ colour, practicing different things like humans, or even started using guidelines!)

here's some art of his i think is neat: X X X X

another one of my mates, ghoullist, has a unique art style i've always admired too :0 here's some cool art of his as well X X X X

idk if these recommendations count bc i know them both personally but their art has influenced me a lot and i wanna give them exposure ;w;


Now I'll be honest I have no idea what level of rated they are but I've been going on and on about leppu for a while because WOWWW.... I'm permanently enchanted by their art it's honestly such an inspiration, highly recommend you go read what there is of Prague Race and get caught up on Tiger, Tiger as its coming out because like.... WOW


Tick I really like Nyascree's work!

AlleycatIrony Your boyfriend's work is awesome! I love how he draws faces! They both count even if you know them personally, heck! I wouldn't even be mad if someone commented suggesting themselves. It's all about the sharing of art. (:

wormancer I'll definitely check it out!


Some are friends but I tried to include some non-friends too


Not sure what you're considering underrated ( Im pretty new to the site so im not sure what Sub count is considered 'Popular'.)
However these are my absolute favorites i've came across ;>






Fvhn, Scientist, and Churarara


hiro03 deserves love


not gonna tag, just want ppl to appreciate and check out some underrated artists!
...done alphabetically!!


biased opinion but PrimePulse here on TH, DA and Tumblr. she's my friend but gOD i love her art: |

brueklynn/Toony on DA and Tumblr also has REALLY good art!! I'm surprised not a lot of people know of them?? |

CoffiiCorgii is also one of my friends! His style is so nice to look at and ahhh I love it. I wish I could get more art from him. |

that should be it, though? I think my other friends are all pretty popular hah. yeah... i love them though please give them attention. (also im underrated but my art is trash so dont even bOTHER)

beetlebite / who also goes as nox-pluviam on here. He has an amazing grasp of anatomy and absolutely gorgeous art, and extremely severely underrated imo


i'm not sure what's exactly considered underrated, so i narrowed it to anyone with less than 500 subs

they all have really nice art and i think they're worth watching ♥


You know who needs more attention? bulba-madie.

She makes v good art but other than me and a few other friends she gets next to no recognition for it. And I think she's starting an original story but idk for sure, all I see are characters in a special folder that sounds like the title to a story.