What colour do you sketch with?

Posted 4 months, 19 days ago by SonieTheDog

Pretty simple question. What colour do you sketch with and why? This is assuming you're going to line the sketch and not use it as lineart

I use to sketch in red but a friend of mine is colour blind, so they see red as yellow. After they told me that I started to sketch in light blue, and I've been doing that ever since


I usually sketch in a shade of pink or orange. No particular reason. Sometimes saturated red can be harsh on my eyes although. 


I'll usually sketch with a grey-red or a grey-blue. I prefer to line in black right away but when it comes to making the lineart I have trouble differentiating a low opacity black line from my actual lines. Having either red or blue at 40-60% grey really helps with that. 

As for why it's red or blue in particular, well I just like those two colours and find them easiest to look at when linearting! I have tried other hues out of curiosity but I just keep going back to blue or red.


Usually I use black, brown or blue! Sometimes my 2nd sketch is red to contrast with the blue haha-

But tbh most of the time I just sketch with my last used colour in SAI, unless said colour isn't dark enough


I do the same as Pixelated_Propechies!


I usually use either blue or red or purple to sketch with, usually when darker but sometimes as its regular shade too owo. 

Edit: I also can take the hair or eye color of an oc, or the main color from their palette to sketch with too xD


Usually a light blue or teal, but it can be other colors if I feel like it, and if I need multiple sketch layers (different characters or clothing layers or whatever I need separate), they'll be different colors, like blue, pink, purple, green.

edit: and even if I do use the cleaned-up sketch as the lines, I just throw a black or low-saturation darker color over them as a clipping layer


Just plain black! But if I were to lineart over it (at least for digital sketch) I just fill the sketch's color (using SAI's clipping group) with red and lower the opacity


Black or blue, I guess. When inking or w/e I drop the opacity of the layer(s) so it doesn't matter in the long run.


Mainly Purple! But sometimes I use warm browns and red! I don't really have a good reason why I used those colors really. I think purple looks more pleasing to me hah


A somewhat light blue but sometimes I'll change to red for clothing/extra stuff tho when that happens I lower the blue sketch opacity a bit. Then I lower the opacity when inking!


I usually sketch with purple, as that is my favorite color. If I need to add more layers, I'll sketch in red + blue for different things.


It depends; if it's just one character it's red but if it's multiple I take a color from that character's palette and sketch the character with that color (e.g. say I was drawing Tsuko and Rezorin; I'd sketch Tsuko with gray while I'd sketch Rezo with brown)