What colour do you sketch with?

Posted 18 days, 8 hours ago by SonieTheDog

Pretty simple question. What colour do you sketch with and why? This is assuming you're going to line the sketch and not use it as lineart

I use to sketch in red but a friend of mine is colour blind, so they see red as yellow. After they told me that I started to sketch in light blue, and I've been doing that ever since


actually I don't care that much... but not too bright or just black. 


My first sketch is blue and my second, better sketch is red. Then I move on to lineart.


Black because thats the color my program opens up to on default lol

If im in the middle of line arting and need to redo some of the sketch because the anatomy is super funky AND Im not feeling lazy then I will use blue or red.


Honestly I grab a character’s colors when I open their ref so I usually just pick a color from their palette and use that. Otherwise, usually black or whatever color I last used if the program was still open or had it saved. I’m lazy like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Pastel pink or peachy orange > u < It's nice and easy on my eyes since I'm light sensitive


I usually do blue or black, since they're the two that look most sharp, and the sketch brush I use is already fairly opaque, so it ends up being lighter than the base color :O


I use red or blue I did black but even with opacity lowered on a different layer it was often difficult to get my lines right at times so I started using a different color. Plus I felt artsy.