What colour do you sketch with?

Posted 4 months, 19 days ago by SonieTheDog

Pretty simple question. What colour do you sketch with and why? This is assuming you're going to line the sketch and not use it as lineart

I use to sketch in red but a friend of mine is colour blind, so they see red as yellow. After they told me that I started to sketch in light blue, and I've been doing that ever since


i use red for the pose and body sketch, but when i get to actually sketching the character's design i use a darl blue. i find it hard to sketch with black since my mind tricks itself into thinking i'm doing lineart and wants to be more smooth.


Depends, I'll usually just go hog wild on the color palette off to the side and run with whatever I land on/whatever I'm feeling that day.  I end up with a lot of colorful sketch layers that way :0

With traditional art I just use my pencil, though I've been trying to make myself use my three entire ColErase colored pencils more because I like that colorful page of sketches look.  Sometimes I'll even use non-erasable colored pencils to sketch, because even if I'm going to finish that drawing (which I probably won't), I'll probably scan and finish it in my computer or put marker paper over it and finish it on that separate sheet, so it doesn't matter that I can't get rid of the original sketch.


Commonly I use red for the basics like the body and I will switch to other colors. Blue is my second most use with purple and green following after for other bits.

Using purple and green help me get my details without being confused if it was part of the sketch of the blue so yeah.

Though once I get most of the sketch done I alter the colors to a grey and then do my line art or color placement.


I start with Pastel blue, and usually the hair is a light orange, outfit is a light green, and anything else just gets different pastel colors :)


Black on grey background.

The reason: I have extreme light sensitivity from having Albinism, staring at a white canvas hurts my eyes and I find it difficult to see. So I always set the background (temporarily) to a mid-grey then sketch in black, because it's the most visible.

Sometimes I use more visible colours for a second sketch layer, for example drawing clothing.