Help me price my art?

Posted 5 months, 18 days ago by yagewo

I'm very new to the commission world, and I have no idea how to price my art as, so maybe help me?
here's a commission page i'm still setting up, with all the examples of my art I could get.

How do you think I should price my art as? And how much you, personally, would pay for each of these? Als anything else you might want to add?

Thanks in advance!


Heya! I'm no expert, but I'll be glad to help!

So the first thing you might want to do is figure out what a good hourly rate is for you, i.e. minimum wage where you live or a good starting point like the cost of a premium membership per month here on TH. Then, when you have that ready, you can use this tool to price how long you've been working, so work on a sample and see what the result is! Don't underprice yourself! ; u;
I can show you how to work the cash clock if you need to. Hopefully, this helps you set a baseline at the very least for prices! Then, you can adjust your prices accordingly!


orribu Well, hourly minimum wage where I live is about $1.20 converted. And I usually take from a few hours (4~5) to a few days, depending on how much I actually feel like drawing lol
So going by that, a fullbody would cost about $6. Do you think that sounds okay?

Also please do hfksuhisdu do I just let it run while I work or what?


Oh gosh no, you deserve way more than that! OmO 

Honestly it depends on your need, but you can either charge hourly, or you can start at a price like $20 for a halfbody that's inked. Even that's lowballing it a little.

You want to make these transactions worth your while, so to get your feet wet you can start with $10 for a sketch,  absolute minimum. The thing that sucks about being an artist is that you've gotta compete with other people's prices, and so many artists, unfortunately, undercharge for their work.

Okay, I can help you with the clock! You want to set the hourly rate in the bottom right corner next to "settings." Then, yep, you let it run while you work! You can pause the timer, but I like taking screenshots when I have to get up from my desk or stop working so that I can easily add the totals when I'm done.

It looks like you're interested in charging for how much of the character you're drawing, so how about (for full-color)

Bust  $15

Halfbody  $20

Fullbody  $ 30

That's lowballing it, but I hope that's a good starting point. <3


orribu hfksjdhfkasjd people barely want to pay $1 for a chibi, I don't think they'd want to pay that much for anything from me o^o
But okay, I'll try to remember all that!
And honestly, it's not that I'm in a dire situation where I NEED money desperately, but some extra cash would be really nice to help out
Thanks for your help! I'll try to come up with a fair price for both me and possible future commissioners <3


Don't sell yourself short! The truth is most people don't respect artists as much as they should, and until we start demanding said respect, there's no way they're going to anytime soon. But that's another issue for another day, sorry for going all crazy-like about it. Best of luck with your commissions!


I personally dont think your silly doodles are commission quality since they seem to be uncolored traditional pieces however your art style is very cute!! Id price your normal style between $5-$15 ($5 for a headshot, $8 for a bust, $12 for a half body and $15 for a fullbody maybe?) And your chibi + minichibi at the same prices between $2-$8.