What Should my Next Project be?

Posted 5 months, 18 days ago by OtherChild

Which descriptions seems more interesting?

1 Votes Life is Pain
7 Votes Aiden

I've wanted to write a new story (with a set of new characters) but can't decide on what to focus my time on first and foremost. So, I am asking you, as the public opinion, to let me know what sounds more interesting to you. I would love for you to give me some sort of explanation on why you chose what you did, but it is absolutely not required. Your participation in any way is appreciated!

Aiden--- This story revolves around two girls who end up discovering a mysterious app that allows communication with the spirit world. They play around with it until they accidentally untie a story about a tragic murder that happened many years ago. They meet a ghost named Aiden who explains his death and seeks to be avenged so that he might move on. As the girls delve deeper into this mystery, the come into contact with humorous hijinks and spine-chillingĀ developments.

Life is Pain--- A group of rather privileged people ends up stuck together in a hilarious mistake. Trapped in a dark room they seek to survive while spiraling into near madness. Ranting about how unfair life is, they get into plenty of funny arguments. Rant after rant, it becomes clear that complaining isn't going to magically get themselves free.