🌟 Cheap Full bios (15 da pts) 🌟

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Hey everyone!
I'm doing full bio writing commissions!

I decided to do these because I love to write for people, and I love help developing characters!

I really liked an adopt, so I decided to start raising money for  it!


[1] [2] [3]

Simple bios like 1 are for 15 da poits!

More complex bios like 2 are for 30 da points!

And bios like 3 are 60 da points!

I will fill out all spots in code, send a link for you to review and ask me to edit at any time, find (or make) the code (optional! If you already have a set code, take of 5 da pts), add any part to the code you wish, get all links put into place.

What I need from you:

Basic stuff that you want to be in there for sure, 5 main points in the backstory, 3 word personality summary, and characters for relationships (if any)