Help me Improve my Adopts!

Posted 5 months, 17 days ago by Mumei TheBottomOfTheTrash

What would you suggest I do to improve my design skills? What themes do you like to see? What’s overused? 

Most recent design has been posted IC, I just really could use some criticism ^^’


I know a lot of people like pastel themed colors 


There are some themes that, while done pretty often, generally seem to be very popular. The ones I recall off the top of my head are:

>Black with bright green or blue 

>White or black with rainbow

>Monochrome designs

>White with a splash of colour like gold, pink, blue, or green

>Tans/browns with soft greens or blues

>Complimentary colours on the colour wheel

Also common popular themes seem to include food, monsters, I've seen a lot of unique taurs or cyclopses, also object heads or tails mouths

I also agree that pastels are popular as well! I'd add more but I'm short on time, but colours that naturally go together are a big bonus!