What Traditional Mediums Do You Use?

Posted 5 months, 16 days ago by love-kadrina

Cuz I'm curious!

I have gotten into knitting again, currently. I am eventually going to get into crocheting to make plushes.

I also like to paint in acrylics and watercolors (with gouache)! I got into Paint Nite (it is one of those paint and drink events in various restaurants) because of a friend and it really stuck.  Because of it took a water color class last Fall. Interestingly enough, I haven't had a drawing class, but I noticed that the water color class taught me how to draw and the Paint Nite classes helped a lot with composition. 

I am working on creating little hummingbird watercolors/gouache ornaments using a technique called stippling, since I absolutely love hummingbirds! I may show pictures of the the example hummingbirds later, but I only have a couple bad images on my phone right now. ^^;

So share what non-digital or mixed media that you are interested in!


I'm not drawing much traditionally right now but I def want to get back into it more seriously. I've always preferred working in a standard HB pencil but lately I find I prefer to go straight through to pen which is usually whichever biro I find laying around on the computer desk. 

I mainly use traditional for practice whilst I'm working on getting my traditional equal to my digital ability and I find if I'm drawing with pen straight up it forces me to learn where my errors are because I can't change it. 

I'm interested in picking up markers at some point!

Edit: a video I just saw reminded me I'm also interested in trying clay at some point, I've always wanted to make 3D busts of my characters!


I adore coloured pencils and copic markers. They are fine enough for me to get into the tiny detailing that some of my work denotes (I work small), and 'clean' enough that I don't have to wash my hands after every use (I can't stand charcoal/pastels!). For some reason I don't really like sketching on paper (what?), so the only time I really do traditional work is when I'm creating a full illustration. I actually love gauche too, but I mainly only use it for backgrounds. It's perfect for skies and clouds!

I've got a sample of one of my copic pieces under the cut!



I wish to use copics someday ;o; I'm pretty good with a pencil; its easiest to shade with it and pen is fun to sketch with. I have watercolor markers that I haven't touched in a while but like to do pseudowatercoloring with, and I have a bunch of washi tape that i also haven't touched in a while xD I'm not the best at painting but I've done decent enough in the art class I just took, and I got a good grade on the final which we could do whatever we wanted xD Here's a pic of it before I took the tape off ;o;

I've done one of those paint and drink things with my cousin before and it was fun, though we just had the food since we couldn't drink yet XD

How have I let this go 3 days without seeing that typo ;;


I mostly do traditional stuff for schoolwork and sketchbook stuffs

I do lineart with micron or uniball pens and when i'm sketching I'll block in the colors with Tombow Pens or highlighters.

I've used acrylic a lot, but recently i've been using mostly watercolors since it's cheaper, dries fast, and therefore easier to use for schoolwork. I've tried gouache and I like it a lot but I find it a little harder to mix than watercolor for some reason (maybe because i've only done one pic with it? Idk) I sometimes use watercolor pencils too, and even though I'm not too good with them dip pens can be fun to use.

I don't use washi tape as much as I used to  (I've been using it to keep pages from ripping out of my sketchbook) and I rarely use pencils on their own so that's just abt it for now


i honestly just use 2B pencils and/or ball point pen

if i'm lining properly i'll use a mix of ball point pen, thin ink pen, and a calligraphy brush pen for thicker lines 

i don't colour traditionally much anymore but i just use coloured pencils if i do


I use mechanical pencils, giant erasers, micron liners, quill pens, Touchtwin markers, watercolors, and colored pencils   


With traditional art, I really like using a mix of markers, ink pencils and gouache 

I also have a lot of fun with colored pencils, watercolors and just pens too. 

With crafts, I use whatever clay seems best, usually a mix of sculpey and epoxy clay and use wool for bodies (I make dolls)


Back in the days I used to draw with micron fineliners and pro markers + copics with occasional watercolor and acrylic color pens here and there! But nowadays I feel so ugh about linearting especially with black that I have slowly started moving towards colored pencils and I'm honestly enjoying them a lot more than I thought! I actually actively hated them in the past but I just didn't have good enough colors tbh


I love colored pencils especially prismacolors! And I use acrylic paints, charcoal  and oil pastels too sometimes! 


stamps my big feet.... i use perler beads and make most of my money through that!! i also use clay and paint to fix broken amiibo that i buy bc.... i wanna help them h


So... I also knit. Does anyone crochet? If so how easy is it? I would love to get into plushie making as well!


I've always been fond of pencils. I currently dig watercolors, alcohol markers, and acrylics, though. I like inking with colored sakura microns and they're so much fun!! 


Oil paint is my all time favorite but I like experimenting with charcoal, acrylic. And water color! I havent used colored pencils in a hot second (or oil pastels) but those are also... good

I also really like makong collages with magazine cut outs? Mixed media stuff is super fun.


For realism I like using graphite to help me get values better and for my free stuff I like colored pencils mostly because they're cheap and add a easy way for me to add color to my artwork.