What Traditional Mediums Do You Use?

Posted 5 months, 16 days ago by love-kadrina

Cuz I'm curious!

I have gotten into knitting again, currently. I am eventually going to get into crocheting to make plushes.

I also like to paint in acrylics and watercolors (with gouache)! I got into Paint Nite (it is one of those paint and drink events in various restaurants) because of a friend and it really stuck.  Because of it took a water color class last Fall. Interestingly enough, I haven't had a drawing class, but I noticed that the water color class taught me how to draw and the Paint Nite classes helped a lot with composition. 

I am working on creating little hummingbird watercolors/gouache ornaments using a technique called stippling, since I absolutely love hummingbirds! I may show pictures of the the example hummingbirds later, but I only have a couple bad images on my phone right now. ^^;

So share what non-digital or mixed media that you are interested in!


I use really light watercolors, brush pens, and inking pens! I'd like to get into sewing/plushie making as well when I have the time.


My traditional mediums are , copic markers, pencils. pens, microns. I'm thinking about getting into watercolor because  I have a set of watercolors


I'm mostly a digital artist but when drawing traditionally I usually use pencils, and sometimes pens but I don't like the way my traditional line art looks :')

I want to get into costume making, if that counts as an art, but haven't really done much on that part lately.

I also know some basic origami stuff and I know how to knit (haven't done either of those in a long time tho)


OOH I love traditional art, dont get me started XD I knit, sew, and tat my own lace. For paints, I use watercolors, gouache, and acrylic. For drawing, charcoal, ink and brush, and pens. For sculpting, polymer clay and paper clay.

I do too much art. XD


Preferred drawing using cheapskate pens that are made for writing these days, pencil for quick casual sketching.

Other than that, I use colored pencils and uhhh I think I need to try watercolors again, I keep giving up halfway.


I use colored pencils and graphite pencils. I also paint - my favorite medium is acrylics but I've dabbled in oil and watercolors.


I mainly use Watercolors mixed with Water based Markers.