Show me your Revamps!

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Show me characters that you have revamped or redesigned!
This can be anything from reworking their written info, redrawing their design, or commissioning someone to do it for you!

What did you change, why did you change it, are you loving the new features or are you thinking it's time to go back to the books?

(I love seeing what aspects people change about their ocs, it's really cool to see how some people can make them look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT but still know it's the same oc because of xyz, I'd love to see more characters like this!


Ooh, I've been wanting a thread like this! Frankly, all of my characters went through a redesign at some point because all of them are characters from my childhood but the most noteworthy ones are the main 6 of my main story.....I often try to keep a few things or two out of attachment and only change things I felt necessary lol. Here's a comparison I did last year with my initial design of them from 2010 along with their recent art from 2018: 


Yearly comparison, headshot only:


I'm posting from mobile atm so it's hard to elaborate on the choice for their redesign one by one so I'll explain that in a spoiler later--though obviously Reika got the biggest revamp on her entire character and design lol


i'm slowly revamping a bunch of my old adventure time OCs into regular characters and here's two so far :0 


Grauline gravesight


few of my ocs have gone through huge visual changes, but grauline's personality had a COMPLETE revamp
in 2016 they were a rowdy mischief maker of questionable alignment, now they're the gentlest and sweetest oc i have

grau 2.0 patch notes:
messiness of hair decreased, curvature of bangs increased
teeth size increased by ~75%
arm length increased by ~50% (not pictured)
ear size increased by ~200%, pointiness upgraded
improvements made to shape of face
fur is now attached directly to the nosferatu and is no longer wearable

Lillian MasterShortpants

Lillian here went through a redesign in late 2017, a gap of about 3 years since I made her original design! While they maintain a similar basis, I feel her new design is significantly more clean and cohesive, as well as staying truer to the vibrant colors of both her inspiration and the Kirby series.

In addition to Lillian, Twila, my oldest character, has also undergone a redesign! Originally just a straight palette swap of Espeon with Umbreon (made using the sprites from RSE, iirc), she's since gained more of Umbreon's traits, most notably its glowing markings (as well as a yellow glow added to the gemstone on her head). That said, I'm wavering on updating her design yet again - On the one hand, I'm rather attached to her as she is now, albeit partially out of nostalgia, but I have a concept for her character and backstory that's been brewing for several years which I've been putting off because it would contradict her current design and require it to be revamped. Perhaps I'll keep her current design as an AU? We'll see eventually, maybe :p


well I managed to find ancient old picture of all my old ocs lined up and with Zakki and Kazana conveniently next to each other so it was easy to crop them out lmao

those designs have some big yikes energy


why did he had a fucking scythe this is the dumbest weapon everhasgdfkjgh


My girl Pacify started out as a marvel self-insert character lmao,,, I’m not afraid to admit it bc its in her bio, (and I. Still. Keep up the self insert thing as a personal indulgent fantasy but don’t judge me aiight) but I don’t really go into depth. So here goes.

She originally started out as a self-insert of me into the MCU, who had the ability to clone (that was my workaround for not being able to choose a favorite character from me to hang around lmao) and there were multiple versions of myself with different heroes. One would hang with Dr. Strange, one with Tchalla, one with the Guardians, one with iron man, etc. (I even created spin-off when other movies came out— as of now, I have 8 self inserts, with the 4 more belonging to Deadpool, venom, Thor—valkreiye mostly— and the into the spiderverse-verse. My spidersona’s name is Alrachanid and she’s in my primary folder. There are no signs of me stopping.)

I liked the idea of a pacifist superhero, and thus, Pacify was born!

Pacify was my iron man accompaniment, and she got a the suit that she wears now. (Yes, tony stark made it for her. Don’t ask me why he would do that, I had a lot of holes in my fic, I just wanted to get my dumb indulgent plot off the ground) She actually started off as a fanfic character, so I didn’t really have a metal design for her down. I was mostly focused on writing Nebula/reader slow burn fluff (ok listen I know I said it was an iron man accompaniment but,, that was a lie. It’s guardians of the galaxy because I am a big gay for the best marvel character Nebula, DONT @ me) it wasn’t until like 17 chapters into my 25 chapter fanfic I was like “hey, I should draw her.” What came out was this, a pretty similar look to how she is now. 

After that drawing, she became more solid in my mind (and I started to draw my other self inserts as well) and now have a separate, coherent reality of them. But my self-insert Pacify is a different entity than this Pacify! (Not that,,, I would ever show my self insert drawings that shits embarsssing)

I kind of lost interest in Pacify after I finished my fic, but when I got active on toyhouse I revived her, new and improved with a personality of her own! She is now a stand-alone character I’m working on making different from myself. A lot of the commonalities are still there (female-coded, lesbian; likes comics, bubble tea, is nonviolent and non-confrontational, emotional) but I have changed a lot of thing about her. (Older, a bit more hardened and would do a lot of things I wouldn’t do, trying to flesh out her individuality more outside of her occupation.) But of course, since I’m a way she still fulfills my day saving fantasies, I kept in some stuff in purpose! (Cloning, the suits, her original design is mostly unchanged...)

All in all, I’m pretty proud of how far she’s come!! She went from a dumb lil fantasy to a still growing hero. Absolutely my favorite character who I love with all my heart ❤️ 

(Hey also headcanon— is all my self inserts are clones of one another,,, would that make alrachanid somehow related to pacify??? Hmm I wonder,,,,)

(also,, if you’re curious abt the fic,, I’ll hook u up,, the next chapters will be released once endgame drops ;) )


I do have a lot of older characters, but since I lost memory of most of their older designs, I decided to talk about my sona, Nef! I'm very proud of how she looks right now.


Design-wise, Nef barely changed a lot when I first drew her. Here's a list of design that were different compared to how she looks now:

- Sclera has a more wavy dark red line

- Smaller, thinner legs

- Feet don't resemble bird toes too much

- Rounded Wings

- Smaller Antennae

- Longer ears

- Build is teardrop-shaped

- Smaller head poof

- Horns look slightly more like antlers

- Tiny arms face each other, like a regular moth

- Smaller Tail

- Sword Pupil has a longer blade, and looks more like an actual sword

And that's all the differences I've listed. Initially, Nef was a mascot of a now-retired Open Species, although her profile is really out of date, and I'm planning on revamping it after I revamp my own profile. She is now her own character, even though she still resembles a drakmoth. Next month will be her 1st cake day, and I can't wait for that day to come.


Trigger warning: self harm mentions!!

I've been in a number of bad situations where I had made characters specifically to role play with a certain person or place and then had to cut ties with it, so I have countless characters I've had to change, some more drastically than others. My first OC is a big example but my current favourite active one is my man Caine. 

He was originally created as a Ninetales for a role play site I was a regular on and was the first member to be promoted to admin, I was such a big deal apparently. 

All of his art over the years is here:

He was originally a literal vent character, he was a Ninetales who had a necklace of razors which he would use to make cuts under his eyes and on his wrists. The site had strict rules on realism but they gave me a pass on Caine that one time because he was a vent character and the people there knew me personally, that I was an avid follower of the rules, and I had issues he was helping me with. 

I had engaged in self harm very regularly between the ages of 12 and 15/16ish, but had quit in 2010. It was a very hard thing to change my mindset and I was under a lot of stress so I thought it'd be better to use a character to let it out than hurt myself physically. Now, I do NOT think this is okay, and even my coping mechanism was not healthy. It helped sort of, but only when Caine started becoming his own entity. 

In the RP, he witnessed the murder of serval characters (as inactivity was punished with the death of your character on the site), and he developed a trigger for some species. He went mad from greif and hurt himself more in the role play itself, because he could not protect them (and his PTSD over the Liepard's death translates to regular leopards triggering him now!) Caine also lost four tails, and then four more, committed suicide, and then was revived. His character arc was so heart breaking to me, and then leaving the website on very ugly and unfair terms, made him never leave my mind. 

So after three years, last year, I knew I had to make him an OC and not just a Pokemon. Many of my characters from that time remain retired, but Caine has risen from the ashes.

His back story has remained the same, with his father and his period of madness in his teenage years, but instead of being a Ninetales with an Arcanine father and a Vulpix mother, his parents are a minor forest god and a kitsune. So he is a half kitsune now! 

I did keep him losing his tails, and his past self harm has become scars on his regular self, but the way I allowed his character to grow since I left that shitty site was very similar to my own as a person. He's grown stronger, more mature, more capable, and is not so prone to just flipping out and hurting himself. He's just overall healthier, and I admit that he's the closest thing I've ever related to in a character. Like we're brothers who went through the same hardship and came out better and stronger for it. He was originally a vent character but now I just have so much love and connection to him (beefy knows lmao) and he just has a mind of his own!! 

Caine used to be one of my favourite characters but now he's ascended to top three favourites, along with two of my other beloved kids, and I'll happily show him off and share his story when I can <3 Good boy's come a long way 

Weenus (Arche Borkowski) _exxus_

Weenus used to be a self-insert! he was made a year ago as a 16 year old scientist who was... .uh..... everything that i used to be. (bad.)

now hes like.... a tired dad who wants to find his son again

 Eleanor Dunbar cvlms

So I recently was inspired by some people on here to revise my Hetalia OC, a personification of DC. Though I personally do not care for Hetalia as much as I did in 2014/2015, I do like the idea of deconstructing their whole universe and reconstructing it so it makes more...sense (and isn't as offensive ig?). Here's my baby Eleanor's revamp tho:

image_by_sweetiehearts44_d8iifqs-pre.jpgFeb 2015. Her name was Katherine. My 14-year-old ass knew a few things about my city of origin but idk if I should have made a whole OC over it because I sure didn't know enough. Developed but not developed developed, ya know? Very sad and angry. Hazel eyes, brown curly hair (3b/3C). Definitely bought all her clothes at Rainbow.
mean_old_katherine_by_thescorpiokiid_damOctober 2016. Her name's still Katherine? 16 year old me did well, she's a little less sad and angry and just stubborn and really read to stab someone if necessary. She's developed the asshole and smartass trait, but only for the people who deserve her attitude. She has a cute nose, I'm probably going to put that in my next drawing of Ellie. Blue eyes, brown curly hair (3b/3C). She's graduated to Forever 21 clothes and drugstore makeup!s3wi9VU.jpgJanuary 2019. Probably didn't draw her all of 2018. Her new name is Eleanor/Ellie now. She's developing more because I have studied more DC and American History. She's compassionate yet stern, stubborn but intelligent enough to usually be right about her decisions. She also has a lot of anxieties and is a bit sad like her first iteration. Blue-brown eyes somehow, brown curly-kinky hair (3C/4A). She's now into FashionNova and Fenty Beauty.
Char aaawhyme

Oh my god, this is the perfect thread for Char.

So he's had multiple revamps over the years. 

it started out as a wee little drawing i had in grade 2, on my desk (so the teacher could see our names). but i had him drawn on the name tag as well.. he was some anthro-ish bat guy, with a lizard tail and all edgy, with a torn shirt and all that jazz. And baggy pants. biggg baggy pants (because this was the 90s).

I don't have the original picture saved online anywhere... but i'm sure you can imagine a terrible pencil crayon drawing of a child's first oc. haha

but it would have looked similar to this ... just worse haha:


I drew him again years later as I was going through my teenage steampunk phase. 


Then I drew him again when I started going to art college >_>  trying to figure out anatomy and wanted to make him more sinister...


Then again once I left school and had nothing to do but draw and wonder what I should do with my life.  (really showing my age here.. //sweats )  I tried to return to his roots, give him back his old design that I drew when I was 7 or 8, but also give him a bit of a cooler look. His ears became less high on his head in particular.


and then now~ he's finally had his most recent revamp, many years later, and only a month or two ago.

I'm at long last, quite happy with his look! I can only wonder what it'll turn into another 10 years from now >_> 

I really tried to keep his original design from way back when I was a kid, because changing it too much was going to change him too much. But I also wanted him to become more mature and fit with the rest of my characters in the stories he hails from, while still holding on to that very first design. Who knew, all I needed was a fluffy coat? HAH



oh hell yes, i love this kind of stuff

almost all of my ocs went through some sort of change, but i'll share my two faves sine they're my pride and joy     

Ace Ironheart not a lot of changes but i think it's worth mentioning what they looked like before

So, originally, ace was just supposed to be a character from that meme a few years ago where people take their top fave characters in existing media and combine their tropes together to create the Ultimate Favourite Character. People only took their top 5 or top 10, but since i couldn't think of a lot of characters that i loved at the top of my head, i just put in a whole bunch lol. But I knew for sure, 100%, that they'd have short or medium red hair, since for some reason a lot of my faves had a lot of reds lol


For some reason, the "story idea" i had for them was almost like the show supernatural? even though i stopped watching it years ago lmao, but i still liked the idea of a hunter, and supernatural stuff is my top fave thing and so lo and behold

Then, i came back to ace, since originally they were just gonna be a throwaway character. but since i got more active on, i was like "screw it" and just made them an official character. and since it's been years since i drew them, they were desperately in need for a redraw and redesign lol, so i mostly tried to change the colours (and changed the hair style since just a ponytail was p... bland) and do colours that looked... better together (i think i based the hairstyle on all might's teacher's hairstlye)


and changed it again lol


but this is the current design i have for them! very simple and basic, but that's exactly the kind of design i like lmao

i also changed their story,a tiiiiny bit, but idk if i wanna keep the whole "demon hunter" thing, so they might be up for another change concerning their story!

Eliott Caelum 

*pats his head* this bad boy can fit so many changes in him

here's literally the first drawing of him. and you know how when you design a character, you usually draw thumbnails/ play around w/ features more, rather than go straight to the design? yeah i didn't do that. i did have a story idea for him, and i got all of this from rewatching/ replaying shadow of the colossus and ico (mostly based on ico)


his story was gonna be heavily inspired by ico, where he's some sort of "chosen one" but would rather run away from his responsibilities, but i had a lot of things planned for him the moment i had an idea


tumblr_osmq5hBG0H1vismyjo1_1280.png(^ a thing i drew bc i had a scene idea for him, i don't remember if i scrapped that scene tho)

then i changed the colours on the ears to match w/ his hair colours

then i took out the goggles since the head looked cluttered when it already has horns

at one point he had his eye more noticeably cursed looking rather than his arm, but i scrapped that


then i changed the horns bc it looked super weird and off putting to the overall design

apparently i took out the horns completely, but i kept them since i liked how much of a goat boy he looked

then i changed to boots bc it looked too simple

then i changed the clothing underneath the poncho bc it just looked ungly when i came back to draw him

then i changed the poncho and the design to make it more simple


then i changed the marking pattern to make it more simple


and here's current eli! i'm willing to change the clothing more, but this is more satisfying to look at compared to the first few drawings

his story changed a lot too, but i still kept some elements! the biggest changes for him pretty much goes hand in hand w/ the world building i'm trying to do, but it's still pretty much the same! just trying to make him fit the world a bit better