Show me your Revamps!

Posted 5 months, 13 days ago by Beefy

Show me characters that you have revamped or redesigned!
This can be anything from reworking their written info, redrawing their design, or commissioning someone to do it for you!

What did you change, why did you change it, are you loving the new features or are you thinking it's time to go back to the books?

(I love seeing what aspects people change about their ocs, it's really cool to see how some people can make them look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT but still know it's the same oc because of xyz, I'd love to see more characters like this!


8NDBwkq.pngvrQUK2U.pngrevamped him recently, not much change but the art has improved??

click each image for the full resolution

Weenus (Arche Borkowski) _exxus_

He's heavily revamped! Weenus used to be 16 and a serial killer?? it was a weird time...

Now he's in his 40s and a very good but tired dad.

Pogo WindWaken

I've got this guy I've recently(ish) revamped! 

My friend made his base design for me in  design trade we did


and soon after i colored him in to this 


honestly wasn't super happy with that color pallet, even at the time, but it was the best i could do at the time

I recently did some tweaks to him and ow he looks like this! I'm much happier with him now and I think he looks more like a gator/dog hybrid than before


I've got quite a few other kids I'm working on retooling too but none are really complete yet like Pogo is. Most notably my garbo toon link replacement I made when I was 10 lmaoooo
Hes now no longer a zelda oc (if you can even call his old self that) and is in my own universe. He's a kid that likes to closet cosplay link ( so p much a green shirt and a link hat his mom got him) and also gets way too angry at video games when he plays them and also has a crush on toon zelda (in reference to the fact that little me shipped him with her :') )

I'm really happy to breathe some new life into him, he was one of younger me's favorite characters and honestly I don't want to just let him rot because of that