74 Votes frog!

i am not entirely certain if this would be the right thread to put this in but Hey i created it. and it can create things more specifically frogs
i used a japanese website i couldnt read the instructions for to make a Frog Creator. a lot of people on tumblr like it so far so i thought theres probably people on here who will also like it

this is the sort of mascot for it because he is on its little title icon thing. his name is professor strawbeby. he studies effects of strawberry on head. he is very hardworking! frog of science!

but yes anyway i hope you guys also like it. show me frogs if so desired


this is so stinkin cute!! I love frogs so, this is my jam, i shall test this out later hehehe >:3c


This is 2 kawaii ;w;

Lol I made my Kirby oc Into a frog XD



Here's my son. I named him Gib, after Big the Cat.

Dr. Scribble ducclord

Meet Dr Scribbles, a very bad man and a totally legit villain