Hey Everyone, Are These Good Prices?

Posted 6 months, 23 days ago (Edited 6 months, 20 days ago) by CookieMonsterCrumble

How much should I charge for?

1 Votes About 50-100 generally, 200 for refs (current)
1 Votes About 100-200 generally, 300 for refs
4 Votes About 200-400 generally, 600 for refs
1 Votes More than that?
1 Votes Other (comment?)

EDIT: Raised my prices up to the second option.

I recently started selling point-only commissions (although sometime in the future I plan to ask for PayPal but not until I'm more familiar with it so I know what I'm doing) but made them relatively cheap because I'm not all that experienced. However, I can't help but wonder if I'm underpricing myself although I don't know for sure, so I'd like to ask for help.

This is my journal from DA which lists my current prices. Do you think they're fair to me? Or should I raise them? You don't have to comment, but I'd really appreciate a vote on my poll to give me an idea. <3