Looking for Collabs!

Posted 6 months, 23 days ago by MonsterArchy

So hard to figure out which forum to post lmao! But! I’m looking for Collabs! oat was the best, and my first ever Collab Partner, so he made this really fun for me!

There’s different ways to do this;

A- You Sketch, I Line, we both color and sell (Share profit)

B- I sketch, You Line, we both color and sell (Share profit)

C- We both Sketch and Line, we color each other’s lines and sell (Share profit)

Things we can do;

Dragons, Canines, Monsters, Anthros

Things I can’t line;

Felines, Humanoids


Hi I would love to do a collab with you, option b sounds good to me. 

Hopefully I'm doing this right I'm very new to toyhouse haha 


@Satlan I’ll message you! And welcome to TH~